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Acupuncture supports IVF Patients and couples wishing to concieve.

Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic - IVF Support

We have seen more than 15,000 patients since we opened in 2008 and over this time we have developed sound and helpful approaches to treatment based on this extensive experience. Supporting the IVF patient is done on many levels, both physiologically and psychologically. 


Acupuncture before and during the medication phase of IVF

This treatment schedule uses information from protocols used in clinical trials. Many of these trials show that women who have received a series of acupuncture before and during the IVF cycle get better outcomes than those who dont have acupuncture or only have acupuncture only on the day of embryo transfer. 

Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer (including frozen embryo transfer)

These treatments are based on protocols used in clinical trials which showed that an increase in pregnancy rates in some groups of women (generally those for whom the expected pregnancy rate is 30% or less). 

Acupuncture at any phase of the IVF cycle

Acupuncture can be used to manage any side effects you might experience and reduce anxiety. These treatment protocols are based on the clinical experience of many acupuncturists and their patients. Fatigue, moodiness, abdomen swelling and discomfort and other side effects are reported by many women during their IVF cycle. Acupuncture promotes relaxation and control of stress and anxiety. The acupuncture treatment will be different for each patient and depends on your symptoms. 

Acupuncture in the week after embryo transfer.

Acupuncture during the 2 week wait, may help to allay anxiety and keep stress levels low. 




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