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Seriya offers a number of retreats and workshops. Read a little more about Akshaya Healing retreats and workshops on offer.

Akshaya Healing - Retreats & Workshops

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Personalised Retreats

Coming to the Byron Shire for a holiday? Want a day or a few nights to revitalise with your girlfriends?

Akshaya Healing offers day retreats which include a yoga session and massages/healings throughout the day. You also have the option of choosing workshops which resonates for your group, so you can go deeper into your healing and nurturing. There are options of doing personalised retreats for a small group if that feel right for you!

Individual ONE ON ONE retreat options also available. Prices will depend on which treatments and sessions you choose. Retreats can be organised at a beautiful venue in Byron Bay or Seriya can come to you.

Yoga Safari Glamping retreat for women

Imagine 4 days of Yoga, Art, Dance in the Byron Hinterlands with a bunch of resonate women?

Seriya and Kate promise to make this a very special experience where you can be nurtured in nature, have chill time,eat incredible organic vegetarian food and have some lighthearted fun!

Bridal day packages

Thinking of preparing something nurturing for your hen's day?

Akshaya Healing has created a day which not only supports nourishing you and your girlfriends through yoga and massage, but also includes a ritual which brings you closer together before the big day.

Honoring ceremonies have been used in many ancient traditions and it essentially gives the bride a chance to be honored as a woman by her closest female friends and family, before stepping into the next stage of her life in marriage. The ceremony also includes setting an intention for the marriage and clearing away any obstacles in the bride and groom's path, so they can prosper and deepen in their relationship.

Prices will depend on which treatments and sessions you choose. Days can be organised at a beautiful venue to rent for the day or we can come to you.

A Blessing way - just before the baby arrives

Like most women, you probably already know what a baby shower is. Chances are you have either attended one or had one planned for you in the weeks leading up to an impending birth. However, there is a beautiful pre-birth tradition which is becoming more popular as word spreads. It’s called a blessingway, which is also known as a Mother Blessing.

A blessingway is an old Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood and a way to honour this new soul arriving onto this earth. Unlike a traditional baby shower, where gifts are purchased for the baby, a Mother Blessing is all about nurturing the mother-to-be and celebrating motherhood.

Weekend Retreats for Women

Akshaya Healing offers yoga and meditation retreats for women throughout the year. These have consistently provided transformational journeys for women connecting deeper to their body, mind and soul. The retreats encompass a combination of yoga, meditation, massage, dance, art therapy, healing, journaling, music, chakra workshops and learning how to embrace more simple rituals into your life.

Nourish Your Soul Women's Retreats

There is also the option of creating a customized retreat for a group of 8 friends where you can decide on a weekend and choose what you would like to focus on depending on your needs and passions.

Sacred sound

Healing vibration through sound is one of the most powerful modalities to shift and transcend emotion. For many years, science has proven that we are all vibration, so why not use sound to assist in shifting our vibration to a higher level?

Seriya has been exposed to Kirtan (devotional chanting) since she was in the womb. Her parents are avid chanters and she grew up spending a lot of time in ashrams throughout India, which led her on her own travels and journeying with the practice! As her mother was immersed in the Israeli music world, with her own studio and record label, Seriya was then exposed to another form of devotional music which influences her expression deeply.

Seriya offers sound through harmonium, tamboura and Crystal singing bowls and thrives off singing and sharing how potent this healing can be, to lift ourselves into a lighter and brighter place in our lives.

Explore the many ways of connecting with sacred sound, on this page you will find information about:

  •  Kirtan Jam

  • Sound Healings

  • Seriya's CD Release

  • Chanting Workshops

  • Seriya and Tanya's Chanting Journey

  • Music of the Plants

Kirtan Jam

Seriya and Tanya have been running weekly chanting nights together in Byron Bay for almost 2 years. They have named it Kirtan Jam, as they hold the space for others to also lead chants and encourage everyone to join in with instruments and voices.

Opening with a meditation, and some chants they then offer out the space for others to gain experience and feel the joy in leading a chant. A delicious wholesome vegetarian soup is shared with everyone at the end of the night. A collaborative and heart opening community event! Finishing the night with a sound healing playing crystal and Tibetan bowls, tamboura, flute and Native American drum.

Details for Kirtan Jam

Where: Mullumbimby

When: Last Thursday of every month

Cost: $15 donation

RSVP: Please message Seriya if you are attending - 0421 568 597


Do you want to uplift your next event or festival with powerful healing sounds?

Do you want to a private session to learn how to express yourself through sacred sound?

Please contact Seriya with your booking enquiry - seriya@akshayahealing.com

Sound Healings

​Seriya has been offering Sound Healings 3-4 times a week for many years at The Crystal Castle, the hinterlands of Byron Bay. She also offers these in private sessions, events in studios up and down the East Coast of Australia, festivals, and yoga teacher trainings or retreats.

Sound Healing is a potent way to be guided into a deep meditative space and receive a shift in energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Allow nourishing sounds of Crystal bowls, bells, gongs, and Tibetan bowls to wash over your body as you surrender deeper to letting go. Sound has been scientifically proven to have powerful healing effects, while deeply nourishing and calming to all levels of your being.

Some people have felt pain disappear after many years of disharmony, and others have shared they have felt the "deepest sense of peace, more than they thought possible."

If you would like to book Seriya to come to you for a healing session, send her an email. Seriya is so deeply passionate about offering this work she will try to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction wherever needed.

Details for Sound Healings - Byron Shire

When: Fortnightly

RSVP: Please message Seriya if you for more details and attendance - 0421 568 597

Details for Sound Healings - Gold Coast

When: Monthly - Full Moon

RSVP: Please message Seriya if you for more details and attendance - 0421 568 597


Do you want to uplift your next event or festival with powerful healing sounds?

Do you want to a private session to learn how to express yourself through sacred sound?

Please contact Seriya with your booking enquiry - seriya@akshayahealing.com

CD Release​

Seriya is currently putting together a meditation CD, including crystal bowls, mantras, yoga nidra and the chakra journey. The CD will be released in late May 2017.

To receive updates with this project, sign up to the newsletter or if you would like to support Seriya in raising money for this project please contact Seriya - seriya@akshayahealing.com.

"The vibrational frequencies of the bowls resonate with the physical body and the subtle energy field, around the body, thus facilitating the harmonising of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual."

Chanting Workshops

Seriya and Tanya have been leading regular chanting workshops at The Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby, within yoga and healing festivals and during their women's weekend retreats in Byron Bay.

This experiential workshop includes a devotional offering to the altar and sending out a prayer and intention. A description of the altar and various deities is followed by a sharing of their experiences and transformation with mantra and chanting as a meditation tool. The workshop has been powerful for those completely new to chanting, for kids and adults of any age, also enjoyable for the avid kirtanists. Experience the positive vibrations of these ancient healing mantras. Contact us if you are interested in having a workshop held in your space.


Do you want to uplift your next event or festival with powerful healing sounds?

Do you want to a private session to learn how to express yourself through sacred sound?

Please contact Seriya with your booking enquiry - seriya@akshayahealing.com

Seriya and Tanya's chanting journey

Seriya and Tanya came together to collaborate musically through their love of yoga. They are both Sivananda Yoga teachers and feel very inspired by and connected to the Bhakti (devotional) Yoga path.

Seriya and Tanya are both based in the Byron Shire, providing Kirtan events and workshops locally, but their strong connection and passion for mantra sounds have also led them to offering chanting at various festivals around Australia.

Complimenting each other, Seriya's earth and fire and Tanya's water and air, they are a balanced duo of Shakti (energy) and Shanti (peace). They offer their love of chanting with heartfelt authenticity from wherever they are in the world.

Music of the Plants

Seriya, founder of Akshaya Healing has been one of the first practitioners to be offering ‘Music with the Plants’ in Australia. Seriya currently presents ‘Music of the Plants’ throughout the Byron Shire, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane and at various Yoga festivals and regularly at The Crystal Castle. Her upcoming creation expands upon this into a new workshop - ‘Yoga with the Plants’.

Background on ‘The Music of the Plants’

This research began in the 1970’s, by Peter Thompkins who wrote the book “The Secret Life of Plants.” Damanhur, a spiritual community in Northern Italy has developed and subsequently created ‘The Music of the Plants’ device which reads the pulse and vibration of the plants and translates it into song. So we can hear the plants sing!

What is “Yoga with the Plants”?

The research and experiments for the last 30 years, have discovered that the plants are sensitive to everything around them and their song changes in accordance to that. Seriya believes that the plants give us a direct reflection of whether we are in our hearts or not. Combining her expertise and beliefs with the Plants, with Yin Yoga which is restorative and known to guide us into a deep relaxed state, and Mantra, a powerful healing form, Seriya has created ‘Yoga with the Plants’. Part of the workshop is based on the research proving that plants also respond to thought vibration, so during the workshop Seriya guides you into a meditation practice as well.

How does this affect us?

Much research has been done on how plants affect us. Seriya believes by offering this to people in the city she is helping in shifting the paradigms of understanding, and reminding us how important and healing it is to be in nature! By practicing yoga while the plants are singing, we are not only guided into a deeper state of meditation through the oxytocin release (bonding hormone) of hearing the plants sing, but also we have a visceral connection with the plants as sentient beings.

Interested in purchasing a 'Music of The Plants' device?

Please email Seriya - seriya@akshayahealing.com

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