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"I'm absolutely in love with treatments with Seriya @ Akshaya. The massage was unique to others I've had in the past because of Seriya's intuitive nature, your body (and field) receive exactly what is needed at that time. Unreal.

I've also joined Seriya in one on one yoga session. Her classes takes you through the perfect combination of pranayama, asanas and resting/connecting positions. With personal guidance and adjusting along the way. I very much enjoyed the class and would love to connect up again! Thankyou Om shanti xoxo"

- Chelsea Stewart, Canada

"I recently had a beautiful massage with Seriya in her Mullumbimby massage studio. The prompt was a diffuse neuropathic type of pain across my chest - all physical issues had been ruled out...so I went to see what hands on healing could do..

Seriya sets up a tranquil space, allowing deep personal connection to self, and the sense of her intuition exploring my energy body while her hand found all the sore spots instantly added great depth and feeling to the whole experience. Something happened as i felt quite drained for a day afterwards and then my being revived and I felt the flow on effects continuing from this massage for a long time afterwards. the chest pain has all but disappeared and my whole body feels more toned and connected and awakened...

A masterful touch in a serene and excellent space to allow connection at deep levels in the physical and etheric."

- Christopher Dean, Entrepreneur, Byron Bay

"Seriya's massages, be they transformational Kahuna or getting-right-in-there Deep Tissue are just simply the best I have ever had, ever! She skilfully and intuitively hones in on precisely what blocks need attention. I always feel lighter, looser, buzzing, more open and aligned, and high as a kite. Warning: Do not immediately drive after her sessions. Top shelf physical/emotional/spiritual healing and nurturing!"

- Pete William, Satefy Coordinator, Mackay

"Coming out of a yoga class with Seriya makes me feel like I have reconnected to my heart. She leads the class with a combination of strength and gentleness that brings the mind, body and spirit together through postures and chanting.

She has a way of helping me to really listen to my body and not to push myself so that my practice is truly nourishing. When I feel connected to my heart I am happier and healthier and more able to live a fulfilling life and show love to those around me.

Yoga with Seriya is the perfect blend of breathing and movement that more than anything is a celebration of love, light and laughter.

Thank you for your wisdom and beauty Seriya!"

- Kate Westberg, Travel Journalist, Around the World

"I wish, I lived around Byron Bay to be around Akshaya Healing!! Last April I had the opportunity to meet Seriya (owner of Akshaya Healing), a great woman and a awesome massage therapist.

For those that think we only need massage when our body is sore, massage also is a general tonic, in that it relaxes people. And with relaxation, people just deal with their stresses better, and their bodies heal better with just about every illness.

It's hard to explain with words how good Seriya is and how much knowledge she has with her massage, but after a session with her, it made me feel really good, so relaxed!!

Go there, try something new, experience a good massage and become addicted! ;)"

- Eduardo Kikko, Photographer, Sydney

"I have been lucky to attend Seriya's yoga classes as well as receiving a massage treatment, and in both I experienced deep and profound transformation.

In my previous experiences of yoga classes i felt that there was something missing, however with Seriya's teaching I experienced the practice as a flowing and dynamic process in which i was completely safe and yet also free to unfold exactly how i needed to. It felt whole as a system, I could feel the power of the lineage Seriya represents as well as the awesome effectiveness of here own unique way of teaching and guiding the process.

In terms of Massage, what I experienced when receiving body work from Seriya was as at another level from everything I had ever experienced before. Seriya's ability to work on all levels; physical, energetic and spiritual, is amazing and brings about deep and profound transformation and healing. She is a Goddess of what she does, I feel very lucky to have received bodywork from a practitioner of her calibre."

- Jackson Collings, Bodyworker, Kangaroo Valley

"Seriya is an exceptional woman and very dedicated bodyworker. She uses her brought skill set from a basin of deep wisdom and natural confidence.

She very much tunes in to where you're at and inspires, motivates and transforms. It has been pure pleasure and a great honour to have had the chance to get so many treatments from her.

You ROCK!"

- Julia Schwenke, Massage Therapist, Germany

"Seriya holds a light-filled space and guides you through asana’s and meditation, breathing exercises and invites deep nestling into the heartspace. Seriya’s yoga class brings me back to the present with her unique yogi mix of healing practices, assistance with postures and calming clear voice. Seriya invites you to go as deep as you wish, or as gentle as you wish, all depending on your body and how you are traveling. On completion of her class I am in bliss, I am clear in body, mind and spirit."

- Sally Prescott, Environmental Officer, Mullumbimby

"Seriya's touch is intuitive, healing and nourishing! I highly recommend her kahuna, remedial and relaxation massage. I always look forward to our next meeting :) Thank you x"

- Tashi Lhamo, Teacher, Mullumbimby

"Seriya's yoga classes are amazing!!! I have unfortunately only been able to attended a few classes but in this time have been transported to a surreal sense of connection to the art. I have gained more flexibility and strength and have learnt many ways of releasing the mind!! i owe this all to Seriya and her amazing classes and recommend to All, from the very beginner to true enthusiast!! also her mantra chants will blow your mind, such a exceptional voice!!! :)"

- Nina Owens, Photographer, Mullumbimby

"If have had a few Intuitive Massages with Seriya now and I think her service is outstanding. Her unique mix of massage, energy work and "tuning in" is something I have not found anywhere else, and it just works. I think her process of tuning into both your physical and spirit energies at the same time during her treatments is the thing that makes her different, and obviously gives her a much more holistic feel for what is going on. Each time I have visited, I've either had a personal break through or have found "massive sense" in the following days. I couldn't recommend her higher."

- Damian Papworth, Marketing Coordinator, Gold Coast

"I have only had one massage with Seriya, but it has stuck in my mind. I have had 100s of massages but only two or three people have ever been really special and one of them is Seriya. Her massage is firm but incredibly intuitive. You feel another presence, a healing taking place. I actually felt very emotional and realised that I needed to work on some issues that were locked inside my body. It took me by surprise but I was grateful for Seriyas compassion and centredness. I think I am due for another one Seriya!"

- Jane Buchanan, Artist, Ocean Shores

"Thank you dear Seriya for transporting me to a place of utter relaxation and healing! I treated myself to a kahuna massage with Seriya at beautiful Rosebank and left feeling like I was floating on a cload! Energetically she creates a space that is very open and has an extremely intuitive touch, allowing a person to truly relax into another state of being. I found this beautiful healing to bring great release physically and mentally and would recommend to everyone!"

- Cintamani Belle, Business Owner, Mullumbimby

"Thank you for an amazing massage and your place just makes it that much more incredible."

- Lisa Toman, Therapist, Mullumbimby

"I will recommend Seriya because I felt like she listened to my history of injury and worked with and around that with elements of deep tissue massage as well as extraordinary kahuna and energy. I was completely open to her touch. It was like being swept over by a serpent goddess and the wind at the same time. Terrific."

- Erik Bower, IT, Sydney 

"I have received massage - remedial, kahuna and intuitive, as well as energy work from Seriya, and each time I have experienced profound healing and wellness. Seriya is an accomplished body worker on many levels. She creates a space of deep trust, integrity and safety each time, and this allows me to surrender, ensuring my mind, body and spirit receive the healing and nurturing so needed. Mahalo Seriya"

- Cate Devereux, Artist, Mullumbimby

"I recently had a massage from Seriya and was amazed at her ability to read where the problem points were and work out the stresses. I also tried out her yoga class on sat, I have some shitty hips from skateboarding and found her yoga class great for me."

- Brook Thompson, Builder, Byron Bay

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