Amanda's Bowen Clinic

Amanda Rodden

Servicing area: Loxton, Berri, Renmark in Riverland SA

Focus area: energy clearing realignments and balancing of the body muscle relaxation ...

Amanda's Bowen Clinic works from the holistic viewpoint in healing, working to balance the Body, Mind and Soul with Bowtech Bowen Therapy, the original Bowen Technique. Believeing that most physical issues stem from the emotional links through trauma or stress that life bring with it. Working to improve your physical wellbeing being by allowing the body's nervous system to move from the Fight or Fright status (Sympathetic) to the Rest and Relaxation state (Parasympathic) helping you relax and remember how to enjoy your life again.

Amanda has been a practicing Bowtech Bowen therapist since 2010 and continues to expand her knowledge within Bowen therapy also including tools such as Doterra Essential Oils and emotional release techniques.

Amanda's Bowen Clinic

Bowtech Bowen Therapy the original Bowen Technique has been developing and evolving since the late 80's and is growing into one of the most wholistic Therapies available. 

Bowen consists with a series of precise, gentle and painless pressure moves over particular muscles within the body, working mainly with the Fascia, (which holds the cellular memory) to change the patterns that no longer serve us and take it back to its original blueprint as best it can using the thumb and fingers. This procedure sends communication through the body to release tension, reconnect and rebalance so that the repair process can begin. Once this has occurred health and wellbeing will be restored, this may happen miraculously or it may take weeks, months or years.
As a Bowen Therapist I am a facilitator of this amazing technique, the body does its own healing in its own time. We will work together with your body until full restoration has occurred. You need to be prepared to receive the restoration and the changes that may occur during this period. Bowen works on a Physical, Emotional and Energetic level, and depending on the practitioner is to where your healing happens, myself I like to work more in the Emotional and Spiritual levels as I believe most physical issues stem from our Emotions and the energy within them. By listening to the responses and acknowledging those changes your journey can be inspirational.

Bowen Therapy is safe for everybody from newborns to the elderly. The sessions take from 1/2hr through to 1 1/2hrs, depending on what your body needs. 

Bowen can be performed direct on skin or over light clothing if you feel more comfortable, this is your own choice. 

I have been facilitating Bowtech Bowen Therapy since 2010. I love Bowen Therapy and believe that this is the path I am meant to be on to help myself and others grow and heal.


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Certificate IV Bowen Therapy

Diploma Bowen Therapy

SP2 Masters Bowen Therapy

Certificate IV Training and Assessing

Diploma Holistic Counselling

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Bowen and Chronic Conditions

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Understanding Bowen from an Ayurvedic Perspective

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