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Feeling stuck? Want to change something in your life? Maybe you’re thinking about a new you that feels, hears and sees the world in a completely different way? I can help!

Ambrose Hypnosis

Servicing area

Paddington and all of Brisbane, QLD

Focus areas

Joy Nails F5 Love Hypnotherapist Guilt

I can help you in a way that the solutions will be found from within your own experience that is unique to you.

With the current pressures of daily life – it can be difficult to get things in perspective. A problem or an issue can seem so large that there just doesn’t seem to be a way to find the confidence to deal with it the way YOU want to.

By utilising my skills as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and tailoring therapy to suit you, together we can help you overcome that thing, or those things, that are keeping you from positive change. If it’s the biggest thing in your life, a small irritating thing you’d rather be without, or anywhere in between – you can learn to be free of that restraint in your life today. Creating peace in your life.

Can you imagine that world how you want to live it?
How would you see, hear and feel differently?

If you really take that moment now to imagine how things could be different in the future, they can easily become a reality before you’ve even realised.

You’re in control, and you decide how much you want to change.

Hypnosis is safe, natural, you are always in control and you are never asked to do or say anything you don’t want to do. I only address the issue you have come to me about so you know exactly what type of suggestions I will be using. It is all in the technique and creativity of the therapy makes my style unique.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is widely recognized in making massive changes in all aspects of peoples’ lives. You can quit smoking, lose weight, control your drinking, overcome a phobia or just simply find the confidence to change. Perhaps you have had a trauma you simply can’t manage to deal with.

I discuss the issue at great length then relax you with a hypnotic induction to suit the situation. I then talk directly to your subconscious mind and give it the information needed to improve your life. Your conscious mind only sleeps and reasons and it is your subconscious mind that never sleeps, is literal, controls your body, hold all memories, habits and emotions. This is where the work is done.
Hypnotherapy only works if you truly wish to make the change. It isn’t any good if you are sent by someone else to deal with your issue because it didn’t come from you.

Hypnotherapy Treatments

Quit Smoking

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, this is the very best way to go. For most smokers there sessions are required. If you have quit after the second then a third follow up session is recommended.
Why is hypnotherapy so powerful? Our subconscious mind is strong. In conflict with our conscious mind, the subconscious mind almost always wins. The only true effective way to reach our subconscious mind is through hypnosis. During the hypnosis session, I will programme your subconscious mind to think and react differently. This will assist you quitting the habit with ease. Read More >>


Drinking Problems

A genuine alcoholic must abstain from all forms of alcohol for the rest of their live. It is believed that there is a physical basis for problem, aside from any psychological ones.
Any alcohol, even if they are unaware of it, e.g. in cough medicine, will retrigger the cravings, even in someone who has not had a drink for years. These people must always be vigilant.
Therefore, if they do need help from a hypnotherapist, it must be structured accordingly.
For habitual drinkers, the ones I usually treat, they may have a choice, depending on the level of habit. They may be able to cut back with the help of hypnotherapy to just 1-2 social drinks on special occasions, or may need to stop drinking alcohol altogether. But they do not require the same level of vigilance against other forms of alcohol as the genuine alcoholic. Read More >>


Weight Loss

Losing weight can either be very simple, or a very complicated issue.
First, you need to be able to actually lose weight. If you have been trying to lose weight but never lost any at all, then you should consult your doctor.
It is my job to help you in the way you ask, as long s it is not dangerous. You may wish to follow a particular diet, want balance, more motivation and commitment to what you already know how to do.
I get rid of the old habits and replace them with healthier ones you need. Read More >>



Anxiety can be a healthy response. At a certain level it is useful. It can tell us when something is not okay and needs to be dealt with. Beyond that level, instead of it helping us, it starts to make life more difficult.
The fight or flight response is triggered by the mind in response to the perceived need for action. This is a survival response, long reinforced throughout the generations. It is the speedy response that activates in an emergency, or that allows you to pull that boiling milk off the stove just before it spills over. Read More >>



Depression is more than just feeling sad, or down. It is not something that people can simply just ‘ snap out of’, or ‘buck themselves up’, and then be okay. Positive affirmations often make the person feel worse because they know what they are saying is a lie.
It is the type of depression which occurs as a result of circumstances, a situation, or a combination of situations that overwhelm the coping capacity of the mind. The person begins to despair that they will get through circumstances. This can be because of lack of developing coping skills, or severity of the problem, or because the problem persists so long without resolution.Read More >>


Grief / Pain

Sometimes people who have suffered grief recently or even many years ago feel pain in different parts of their body. I have had many successful results using hypnotherapy after my clients have had all the other possibilities ruled out by their GP. I would need to ask about what happened because sometimes there are hooks or traps that keep the grief stuck. Guilt, often misplaced, is a common one. Read More >>


Sleep Talk for children

While their child sleeps the parents deliver simple positive suggestions which have been designed especially for their children by a Sleep Talk consultant.
It is a wonderful gift a parent can give their child throughout their entire childhood. Because it is in fact talking to the subconscious mind of a child when they have reached the correct brain wave state I intend to adapt this process for people living with dementia. I will then be able to give caregivers instructions on how to use this simple two minute therapy. If you wish to partake in this therapy and are willing to be consistent with the process just call and we can discuss it further.Read More >>

About Robyn Watford

After reading Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz over twenty years ago, Robyn became interested in the power of the mind. Subsequently books such as Teach Your Baby To Read by Glenn Doman became the building blocks of her career in hypnotherapy. Once she graduated as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist her interest in neuroplasticity and treatment for people living with Alzheimer’s made her look further until she discovered Dr. Daniel Nightingale, the Dementia Doctor. Now the first Australian to become a DTS therapist specially trained by the doctor himself Robyn is looking forward to helping as many people living with dementia as she can.

Robyn enjoys helping people of all ages address the obstacles in their lives and has made dramatic changes in her client’s lives. Robyn believes that hypnosis creates peace of mind in your life.

Today could be that day you will always remember because it is the day you decided to take that first step in the right direction - Call me now to book your first session!

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