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Alexandra Yates Doctor of Chinese Medicine – Registered Acupuncturist

Anchor Health Clinic

Welcome to Anchor Health Clinic

I have more than 20 years of experience in the health industry. I began my career in the health industry as a massage specialist over 20 years ago. I learned as much as I could in spas, massage clinics and retreats. I then went on to study beauty therapy and thus transitioned into results driven treatments like micro-dermabrasion, peels and cosmeceuticals. I was frustrated with the limitations in results and wanted to truly help people.

Acupuncture at the time appeared like an obvious next step and ever since I have been in love. Acupuncture is one of the only treatments that acknowledge the physical, mental and spiritual as not being separate. With herbs, Acupuncture and various tools and skills all of these aspects are treated. Acupuncture seemed to me that it was a highly effective modality after I had come across a lot of unwell and unhappy individuals that modern medicine has been failing. This is not to completely discredit modern medicine as ineffective. Emergency medicine is amazing and saves lives.

I am also qualified and educated in Japanese Acupuncture which is a more dynamic and delicate methodology. I feel this particular form of Acupuncture is aligned with my way of treatment and it has been a highly effective form of treatment for fatigue, women's health issues, migraines and headaches children's health and pain in general.

My primary focus with any form of treatment is to get the very best health outcome for you as a client. I understand that every individual is unique and has a different set of requirements. I do my best with all my knowledge and skills have attained over the years.

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Qualification details

Kiiko Style Acupuncture Foundations 2014
The Wisdom of Master Nagano Shonishin/Paediatric Acupuncture 2015
The Wisdom Of Master Nagano Series 2015

Kiiko Style Acupuncture, 2013
Kiiko Style Fertility, Digestive and Pain 2012
Reiki 2, 2012
Cosmetic Acupuncture,2011
Internship Guangxi University, China 2009
Bachelor Health Science, Acupuncture 2009
Advanced Diploma Acupuncture, 2009
Cetificate IV Beauty Therapy 2003
Reiki 1, 2001
Certiificate in Swedish Massage 1998
Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage 1998

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