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Iris diagnosis involves taking a photograph of your iris.

The colour and structure of the iris, sclera and pupil are then examined. The iris is the most complex structure of the human anatomy. All information is sent from the nerves connecting to all organs and structures of the body to the optic nerves which then gives an indication of the state of the organs and tissues in your body.

Constitutional typing also reveals personality characteristics that give you an awareness of why you may feel/react in distinctive ways. A full iris printout is given to you at your initial consultation.

Integrated Iridology is the only Nationally recognised Iris diagnosis taught in colleges today and it is the program we follow.

Price: $80


Homoeopathy works on a principle of ‘like cures like’ – that which causes the ailment/illness can also cure! It is vibrational medicine that energetically corrects the imbalance – wether it be toxin exposure, hormonal, injury or any other systemic imbalance. We use predominantly complexes (combination of simplexes) in the clinic, but if a simplex (single remedy) is required, they are available also.

Herbal Medecine

We have one of the most extensive herbal dispensaries in Western Australia and if we don’t have what you need, we will order as necessary. All herbal medicine used in our clinic is of the highest quality.

We find herbal liquid formulations work very effectively and can treat many systems of the body simultaneously. Quality herbal complexes are also available in tablet form.

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