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Andrea Ormazabal

Dr. Andrea Ormazabal - OSTEOLINKS - OSTEOPATHY

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Dr. Andrea Ormazabal - Osteopathy

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Postnatal support Sciatica Complementary Nervous system Lifestyle


Osteopathic treatments can incorporate a range of therapeutic techniques including but not limited to soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments and tendons), the spine and nervous system, and may use a variety of different hands-on methods, including:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Soft tissue massage techniques
  • Articulation – gentle rhythmic joint movements
  • Stretching muscles and joint capsules
  • Fascial Therapy 
  • Muscle energy techniques – encouraging muscles to work against resistance

Andrea is holistic in her approach paying close attention to the presenting musculoskeletal complaints as well as utilising exercise/stretching prescription, rehabilitation, and dry needling as a part of a comprehensive approach to achieve mobility.

Andrea has a special intrest in assessing musculoskeletal presentations in the Pre/Postnatal and paediatric patient.

Osteopathy May Assit  

  • arthritis associated pain & mobility restriction 
  • foot, ankle, hip, and knee pain
  • back pain, neck pain, and sciatica 
  • hand, shoulder, and elbow pain
  • headaches
  • tennis and golfer's elbow
  • postural problems due to pregnancy, sports injury, driving or work strain
  • neuralgia


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