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Angelic Connections Healing Centre

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Cancer management Trauma Energy Spiritual growth Love Energy work


It is the KI LAO- TI energy flowing through me that has helped me to move into my spiritual growth. This is the energy of the healing Buddha; this is the rainbow healing energy.

Once you have been attuned this energy, there is no limit to what you can do. Whatever you put your mind to you will be able to achieve. It will open up to you.
I have been working with this energy for ten years now. During that first year a client came in, very concerned about a teenage son. The boy had stopped talking because of the dreadful trauma in his life.

I realised that this situation needed special attention and care. While I spoke to his parents I wrote his name and situation on a piece of paper, then slipped it under a lit candle, and ask the Angels to take care of it for me.

When the parents arrived home they rang me straight away. They said, “Our son is speaking fluently, like pommy radio announcer.” I have never doubted the Angels since. I believe that in every situation the Angels do what is necessary for the best outcome.

In Another instance I was considering applying for a readers position at a Festival. I was with a large, rather forceful friend. She said, “There is the man you must speak to.” and gave me such a shove from behind that I had to take a step towards this man, and introduce myself, or fall flat on my face. I had a reader’s position the following day.

To have the position is one thing, to be an effective reader is quite another. Each step of the way, I ask for help. One of my first clients asked me if I could see if her cancer. I looked at her, close my eyes, and I could see the red patches of cancer in her bowels. I described it to her. She confirmed my diagnosis. Suddenly I was a medical intuitive.

My next client asked me if I could talk to her deceased grandmother. I closed my eyes and there was a beautiful grey-haired granny with a lovely message for her granddaughter. I described the grandmother and her granddaughter recognised her. So now I was a medium.

I quickly learnt that whatever I needed to be, I was. I knew this was the rainbow energy working through me.

These are just a few instances of how the key KI- LAO TI energy has affected my life. There are many other stories; most of them will go untold.

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