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Ann Fallows

Ann Fallows

Suite 414
14 Lexington Drv
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Servicing area: Northern, Western and Hills area

Ann Fallows

Ann places equal importance on our state of mind and our emotional well being as she does on the physical expression of disease. Whatever journey YOU need to take to get to wellness, Ann will be honoured to guide you through the process. She really spends the time to get to know you and understand you just the way you are and where your at.

Classical Homoeopath

About Ann

Ann completed her Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy from Sydney's Nature Care College in 2005 and is a registered practitioner with ATMS, AROH and AHA.

Inspired by the effectiveness and holistic nature of Homoeopathy as part of her own health journey, Ann believes whole heartedly in the classical homoeopathic approach to wellness.

Ann enjoys the challenge of finding the homoeopathic simillimum for each of her patients because this approach brings the best outcome. It is like finding the right key to unlock the door so  detoxification and change can take place. 



Practice Locations

2. Suite 414-14 Lexington Drive Bella Vista 2153 m:0439 499085 

Qualification Details

Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy, Diploma Reflexology, Cert IV Remedial Massage. Reiki III

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