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Anna Hamilton Massage & Yoga

34 Burke St
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Anna Hamilton Massage & Yoga


We cannot ask or want anything new to come into our lives if we are full of unwanted clutter, through the practice of Yoga and the opportunity on Retreats we can de-clutter our lives. 

Anna Hamilton Massage & Yoga - Yoga & Retreats


Yoga teaches us to learn the language of our bodies. To truly tap into our innate wisdom, listen to it, and then learn how we can honour it. Whatever challenges that we may face, whether they be injury, illness, back pain, depression or anxiety, Yoga teaches us to work within ourselves. These challenges can become great teachers. Our wellbeing can be greatly enhanced with the practice of Yoga. Classes are suited for all levels of practice, whether you are a beginner, have some physical limitations or are an experienced student.


'TUNE OUT' to 'TUNE IN' Bali Retreat
Ubud, Bali
Starting August 25th and concluding 31st August 2019

This retreat is perfect if you are looking to unwind and let go. A deeply powerful way to release tension, feeling overwhelmed or simply recharge your batteries whilst you explore a place of inspiration, beauty and harmony.

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Personal Retreats

You have the opportunity to select your own close group for this retreat which is deeply nourishing and uplifting. Personal retreats will help you to achieve deep rejuvenation, balance and breathe new life into your LIFE.

Groups can be made up of:

  • Work colleagues, whether you be a corporate group, teachers, personal business. 

  • Couples

  • Mothers/ daughters

  • Close friendship group

  • Families

For more information about Yoga & Retreats, view my website, send me an email or give me a call

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