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Aura-Soma is an exciting self-selective, non-intrustive colour care system.

Anne Whish-Wilson - Aura-soma

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Mckellar, Australian Capital Territory

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Love Moving meditation Complementary therapies Metaphysics Lifestyle Circulation

Aura-Soma is ancient knowledge presented in a new light for our modern times. This system of gems, crystals, plants, colour and light is the most comprehensive system I have discovered which embraces the wholeness of who we are. It is the founding rock from which I work and most sessions with me include some aspect of the Aura-Soma System. Sessions can also be Aura-Soma exclusive. The dynamic, living energies of nature within the Aura-Soma System can help you in so many ways. The products present a dynamic opportunity to unlock many insights to understanding why you are here and why you are experiencing what you are experiencing. The products also create an opportunity for powerful shifts within your being that open your heart and allow many of your problems to transform and melt away. The use of these beautiful products allow you to touch your sacredness arousing your interest and curiosity about life. Really wonderful tools to expand your awareness/consciousness and begin a journey of personal growth and individuation.

Awakening through Colour

The heart of the Aura-Soma system is the Equilibrium Bottles. The Equilibrium Bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals that are specially colour coded to bring harmony and balance to your aura and energy centres.Their vibrant living energies of color support you towards wellbeing and self-awareness.

"You are the Colours you Choose and
these Colours reflect your Beings Needs".

Your choice of Bottle is a mirror of who you are at a very deep level and you can discover quite a lot about yourself. You can purchase these bottles and apply them yourself to specific areas of your body to help release patterns of energy which no longer serve you well.

The Fragrance of Colour

The 49 herbs in the Pomanders provide a fragrant colour support to help you remain vibrant in all situations. They help awaken you to your greatness by aligning and awakening all strands of your DNA.

Their are 15 Pomanders to choose from each with their own unique focus of assistance. They can be used as often and as regularly as you wish throughout your day.

Dancing with Angels

The beautiful floral essences of the Quintessences allow your spirit to feel uplifted. These essences allow you to work with the higher energies for they reach a different level within yourself and your aura.

When used regularly they awaken memory of your original blueprint thus allowing the false beliefs you hold about yourself to melt away as you begin to align and resonant more and more to your original blueprint--your True Self.

There are 15 Quintessences to choose from each with their own unique guidance and assistance. They are applied a little differently to the Pomanders and need to be used regularly over a longer time to assist the changes and shifts you are seeking.

Liquid Light

The Colour Essences are a very subtle way of providing colour when your aura is depleted bringing nourishment to your energy centres.

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