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Annie Sorell

Annie Sorell

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I can work with you Face to Face, by Phone or Skype. Your Horse does not need to be present!

Annie Sorell - Confident Horseriding

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Are you passionate about horses?

Does fear get in the way of you having the partnership with your horse that you desire?

I cannot recommend Annie’s sessions highly enough. 

Ali. Grafton


 Do you have fear because of

  • You or your horse having had an accident or traumatic experience?

  • Many concerning incidents over the years? 

  • Competition and performance anxiety?

  • The responsibility of being a single parent or sole provider?

  • Generalised stress and anxiety in your life?

  • Health problems?


After time with Annie, for the first time in months, I feel 110% more confident and fearless.  

Elizabeth.  Central Coast


Here is what is possible:

  • Confident riding in competition

  • Improved ability in yourself and your horse

  • Relaxed and joyful pleasure riding

  • Accurate risk assessment

  • Co-operative training

It is lovely to be working with my horse harmoniously again. 

Fiona MacCarthur.  Guyra.


If you would like a horse relationship built on mutual harmony, trust and respect contact me now for a Complimentary Confidence Building Strategy Session

In which we will:

  • Clarify what is happening for you now

  • Identify your dreams for your horse future

  • Uncover the blocks that are you stopping you having the horse partnership you both desire and deserve.

If you think this might be for you then contact me now to make a time for a Complimentary Confidence Building Strategy Session.

Annie’s methods really do work and I exceeded my expectations. 



Contact Annie Sorell, Equestrian Mentor

0401 977 645