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Bowen Therapy is a holistic and effective form of bodywork that facilitates the body's innate ability to heal itself.
I work gently with you to enhance well-being, restore balance, release stress & pain of body & mind so that you can realise your full potential. Located in Camp Hill.

Bowen Therapy

Ann-Marie Trabucco - Diploma of Specialised
Bowen Therapy

Ann-Marie is very passionate about the power and the gentleness of Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, effective hands-on holistic treatment, that is suitable for people of all ages from new-born babies, athletes, office workers to the frail and elderly. It is a holistic body/mind therapy which incorporates a range of systematic and precise moves followed by silent breaks for integration. These subtle messages go deep within and bring about deep relaxation and rebalancing of muscles and nervous system. Bowen Therapy treats a range of muscle imbalances, aches & pains. It also helps you relax, release stress and tension as well as release toxic build-up, It is a wonderful way to tune in to your body, mind and spirit.

These sessions can be completed through light clothing. To find out more about the benefits that Bowen Therapy can bring to your health & well-being or to organise your next appointment with Ann-Marie, just give her a call today
Bowen Therapy can be used to treat a wide range of aches & pains including:

  • Back pain and sciatica
  • R.S.I, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
  • Shoulder, neck pain and headaches
  • Pelvic imbalances, groin pain
  • Hamstring, knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Digestive and bowel problems including IBS
  • Earache, ear infections and migraines
  • Respiratory problems and hayfever
  • Sports and accident injuries
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Menstrual and hormonal irregularities
  • Stress and tension symptoms
  • Anxiety and depression



Call Ann-Marie on 0407 174336 to organise your next Bowen Therapy Treatment


Bowen Therapy For Businesses

Bowen Therapy treatments can also be used to address a range of health issues that effect individuals who are regularly desk-bound and therefore suffer from a wide range of work related issues including general tightness, repetitive strains, back pain, shoulder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as helping to relieve headaches.

To find out more give Ann-Marie a call to talk to her about the benefit Bowen Therapy can bring to your health & well-being


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Qualification details

  • Ann-Marie Trabucco
    Advanced Bowen Therapist
  • Diploma Of Specialised Bowen Therapy

  • BAA

  • BTAA

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Bowen Therapy Balance

Bowen Therapy offers you a gentle yet powerful modality that works sensitively with your own healing system to balance your body, release pain, stress and imbalances and calm your nervous system. Call today to organise your relaxing one hour therapy session. Located in Camp Hill.

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