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Spend some time with Yourself - you are what is important. Individual evolution is essential to living a joyful and meaningful life, a sacred life. Transform your relationships, personal, work and family. Kinesiology is a tool incorporated into the facets of the journey taken together, for you to facilitate your own healing.

A Sacred Life Wellbeing

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About Stephanie

Kinesiologist who believes that living in harmony with the earth lies in conscious thought, and living that philosophy daily makes for a sacred life. Paying attention to your inner world is essential to nurturing oneself and is just as valid as exploring and striving to understand the outer world..

What is Kinesiology?

A system developed in the 1960's by Chiropractor George Goodheart, combining gentle manual muscle monitoring (biofeedback), Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to determine energy imbalances in the system. Kinesiology can address the physical and structural imbalances that often cause pain or impaired performance; essentially reprogramming the muscles to work in synergy again. 

How can Kinesiology benefit you?

A kinesiology balance is often an hour in duration where we discuss the issue and then find the priority imbalance and correct, it is sometimes recommended to undertake three to four sessions.

Emotional issues, stress, allergies, nutrition, posture and trauma, respond well to a balance, in a non-invasive, and fully clothed setting. Incorporated are the Bach Flower essences, essential oils, Schusslers Tissue Salts, nutritional advice, counselling and affirmations to embed the shift in energy.

Outcomes and experiences are different for everyone. Most people find it a pleasant and enjoyable experience; a 10 year old client says that "it's like having a big sleep without going to bed! Others may want to nap afterwards or feel more energised, experiencing a shift over the coming weeks.

Healing from a Traumatic Birth Experience - Improving the Bond with your child.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has only recently been recognised in the last ten years as most likely experienced by women who have had a birth where it was not as expected; caesarean, forceps, drugs, episitotomy, procedures you never gave consent for, or even post-partum care where a comment from a care giver went straight to your core; you were not honored or respected as a woman giving birth. You may love your baby or child but sense there is more to it; that your relationship with them could be more.

Trauma can extend to the conception, pregnancy and post-natal experiences that may contribute to your feelings of loss, or perhaps disconnection. For example, you may be comfortable with your birthing experience, but trying to breastfeed was extremely difficult.

This can take between one to four sessions; you will feel the results immediately as you process the changes.


Utilising Kinesiology you can be supported in the journey to birthing your baby as a gentle and empowered experience by re-membering ancient birthing wisdom cellularly.

Recovery from Traumatic Birth - all too often our medicalised model of birth promotes the premise that a "healthy baby" is the only outcome, and while this is the wish of all mothers, we do not need to sacrifice ourselves in birth or the bond with our children. Many women experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a complicated birth.

I have personal experience here and have made this my passion in being able to support women in reclaiming their joy and power; thereby experiencing a noticable change in bonding and emotional attachment to their babies and children, and then the ability to birth their subsequent children without the over shadow of past experience.

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