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Chinese Medicine is an holistic system of professional medical practice with over 2000 years of written history

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What is

Chinese Medicine is an holistic system of professional medical practice with over 2000 years of written history. It incorporates Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Manipulation, Diet & Exercise Therapy. Chinese Medicine views each person as an individual with their own unique experience of their illness. It is with this understanding that each treatment is tailored to the person's needs.

Is it safe?

All branches of Chinese Medicine can be used safely & effectively as an alternative to or in conjunction with conventional medical treatment. Non-invasive diagnostic techniques, coupled with the use of natural medicines and disposable needles by our qualified professionals, ensures that the highest standards of patient safety are maintained.

Does it work?

Herbal Medicine is the main form of treatment. Herbal products are combined into 'formula' which are taken as a tea or in pill form. Several millennia of clinical experience and academic research has gone into classifying individual herbs and formulas. As a result, Chinese Medicine has evolved into a highly effective form of natural medicine, almost free from unpleasant side-effects.

Acupuncture is well known in the west for its effectiveness in the treatment of pain. However in skilled hands of a Traditional Acupuncturist, this modality can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries, especially when combined with massage or herbal treatments.

Therapeutic Massage is well known for its effectiveness in the treatment of musculo-skeletal, stress-related disorders, and many other physical problems.

About Celia Huang

She is a graduate from a university of Traditional Chinese Medicine and hold a bachelor degree of TCM in 1983. She was a doctor of Chinese Medicine in a a Shanghai hospital before coming to Australia and has had over 30 years of experience.

She specialises in the fields of internal medicine (such as asthma, digestive diseases), gynaecology (such as menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhea), skin diseases (such as eczema, acne) and sport injuries (such as neck and back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder) and stress related problems.

Her successful treatments once were widely reported by a television station of Shanghai newspaper and magazine.

Common disorders treated by Chinese Medicine

  • Respiratory disorders (asthma, flu, rhinitis, hay fever etc)
  • Digestive Problems
  • Gynaecological conditions
  • Skin Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Stress & Fatigue
  • Sports Injuries
  • Aches & Pains
  • And many others

The treatment of Asthma by Chinese Medicine


Bronchial Asthma (called asthma for short) Is a common chronic disease. It Is clinically characterised by paroxysmal oppressed feeling in the chest, coughing, expiratory dyspnea and wheezing, and even opening the mouth and raising the shoulders for breath, and sometimes having difficulty In lying flat.


Asthma occurs primarily because of the stimulation of certain internal causes or external factors in patients with an Inheritant and/or an allergic constitution. This gives rise to the increase of airway narrowness and induces extensive airway stenosis. The attack is mostly induced by the Inhalation of, or contact with, allergens, such as pollens, dusts, insects (such as mites), germs, etc. During the attack, patle:nts have severe dyspnea which is due to a spasm of the bronchial smooth muscles, swelling of th bronchial mucosa, and hypersecretion of the mucus, leading to bronchial obstruction. When the attack lasts for a long time, it is called “status asthmaticus”


Asthma is called “wheezing syndrome” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Phlegm is thought of as the major pathogenic factors Of asthma in TCM. Whereas the disease may manifest itself in the lungs. its origin can be traced to the spleen and kidneys.

According to the theory of TCM, the lungs are concerned with air. They control the defensive Qi (vital energy) of the body as well as the air which is breathed. The lungs are responsible for purification and descendance. The Pulmonic Qi should be fresh and descending. If it ascends or is Obstructed, the symptoms associated with coughing and dyspnea will result. The normal function of the lungs Is. to elear and to descend. If pathogenic QI invades the lungs, such functions will be disturbed. There may appear symptoms of upward surge, such as cough, dyspnea, copious sputum, chest distress, etc.

The kidneys are the congenital foundations. They are the foundation for a human’s growth and development, and/or reproducing the next generation. In TCM, respiratory activity is considered not only related directly to the lungs, but indirectly to the kidneys. The kidneys may receive and absorb gases from the lungs. Clinically, deficiency of the kidney may cause dyspnea, and ‘It should be treated .. with the technique of strengthening the kidneys, This is “Tonifying the Kidneys to Accept Lung- Gases.”

The spleen Is the foundation of life. After a person ‘is born, the needs for growth and development can be met, depending mainly upon the health and integrity of the functioning of the stomach and particularly the spleen.

Weakness of both the spleen and the kidneys may cause such symptoms as lassitude, shortness of breath, anorexia, lumbago; dizziness, tinnitus, amnesia, tendency to catch cold, immune deficiency, etc. .

4. The function of the treatment of asthma by Chinese medicine.

  • Eliminating phlegm, reduce the secretion of the airway and to relax bronchial spasm to relieve asthma.
  • Dissipating heat and detoxifying, controlling infections, and eliminating swelling of the airways.
  • Tonifying the lungs, spleen and kidneys, improving immunity, antianaphylaxis strengthening the body resistance to clear evil-factOrs.
  • Eliminating the stagnant blood and activating the blood, improving microcircultion.

5. The principles of treatment

The principles of the treatment of asthma call for a differentiation of evil (generally referring to all external pathological factors), and rightness, relief and urgency. Deficiency and excess in accordance with the process of the disease, and the situation of attack, When the disease attacks, the evil should be combated and the symptoms treated. In chronic cases, the insufficiency and excessiveness of the disease should be dealt with concurrently. For all cases in normal times, righteous Qi should be supported and the base strengthened. Of course, patients have to go to hospital if the conditions appear to be urgent.

6. Therapies of Chinese Medicine

1. Chinese herbal medicine (medical herbal tea, pills, tablets, capsules, powder, lotion. etc.)
2. Acupuncture and auricular-plaster (with herbal seeds) therapy.
3. External treatment (plaster, topical application. of herbal medicine, etc.) -
4. Therapeutic massage.
5. Diet and exercise therapy.


A fifteen-year old girl had suffered from asthma, eczema and hay fever for over ten years. Coughing, shortness of breath, runny nose, itching on her nose, eyes and skin were the main symptoms for her. She had taken many medicines, but the symptoms were not improved. After five weeks of taking Chinese herbal medicine and auricular -plaster therapy .( see number 6.2) the symptoms were greatly relieved.


six-year old girl, had a history of asthma and eczema for several years. She often had coughing with white phlegm, and felt short of breath and full in the chest. Eczema could be seen on all f the body, and there were many marks f scratching because of the severe itch. he had Internal arid external western medicine for many years, but the symptoms were not improved after a week of taking Chinese medicine and washing her body with lotion of Chinese medicines, her coughing and shortness of breath were greatly improved, and she felt less itchy. After continuous four weeks of treatment, the coughing and shortness of breath had nearly disappeared and the marks of scratching had become scars.


A female patient. in her 40’s, originally had allergic rhinitis. Her asthma was trigged by a cold. She had repeated coughing with yellowish phlegm and it was very hard to cough out the phlegm. Shortness of breath, asthenia, sneezing, a stuffed-up nose were her basic symptoms. After a month of treatment by taking Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the symptoms were obviously cured.

Our clinic has new “Quick result” healthy apparatus. Taking the magnetic and electrical treatment, acupuncture (no needles involved), cupping and massage as a unit, It can treat many diseases:
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