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The name Ashgrove Vitality stands for wellness and vitality, things Im passionate about and have devoted myself to helping others obtain.

Ashgrove Vitality - Inner Cleansing (Detoxification)

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Ashgrove, Queensland

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Body composition Private health Habits Cellular health Blood analysis Joy


Almost every society and culture has developed some form of detoxification method - from fasting (Ramadan) to sauna, herbal preparations and colonics. Western society is without doubt the most toxic in history with over 75,000 registered chemicals and a raft of heavy metals many of which we come into contact with daily. I have a 3 month maxi, 6 week mini and 2 week short integrated detox program that myself, my staff and my patients have been using for years. Also available are practitioner strength foot patches and Ion Cleanse foot spas - the lazy way to detox.
Cleaning out toxins from your body will improve your health by strengthening your immune system and reducing degenerative changes. A positive, proactive step to a healthier you.

Natural Health Testing

The testing available at Ashgrove Vitality can offer a comprehensive evaluation of any imbalances in your body and greatly assist towards choosing a path for achieving vitality, wellness and improved energy.

The natural health tests allow me to see what is happening under the bonnet so to speak. There are 6 tests I use to monitor your health. It's really interesting to test before and after a detox program to look at the changes in the results. Regular testing is another proactive step you can take to help avert the chronic diseases rampart is our Western Society and assist in healthy ageing.

  • Health Appraisal Questionnaire and Healthy Ageing Questionnaire



      Comprehensive, multiple choice questionnaires that look at all your body systems. I can then graph your responses to chart any health issues we need


      to work on and develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you.

  • Urine/Saliva pH



      A very simple and quick test to check your bodys pH. Maintaining a neutral pH impacts on every biochemical process in the body and 99% of all diseases flourish in an acidic environment. I can assess your pH and offer easy strategies to prevent acidity if necessary.

  • Zinc Taste Test



      Another simple test to determine if your zinc levels are adequate. Essential for wound healing, immune function, controlling stress, helping memory and concentration and promoting healthy skin and hair, zinc is a vital nutrient. Continuing the car analogy, I liken it to the oil in your engine; you can only go so far on low oil before paying a big price.

  • Cellular Health Test discover your biological age!



    A test that provides detailed information about the "bio-markers" of aging. It monitors fat to lean muscle ratio, the level of cell hydration and toxicity giving you a good indication of your cellular health. How quickly or slowly is your body aging? With an individually designed treatment program you should actually see your biological age decrease and start to look and feel younger.

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