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If you're in the Glenorchy area and looking for Lymphatic Drainage, or Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Swedish, Sports or Hot Stone Massage, Asian Hands has exactly what you're looking for. We're open Monday - Saturday, 9am to 9pm (Bookings required for appointments after 6pm).

Asian Hands - Other Massage Styles

Servicing area

Glenorchy & Rosny, Tasmania

Focus areas

Complementary Pain relief Skin problems Facial Tight muscles Muscle tension

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique involving highly concentrated, strong strokes designed to work into the muscles and break down fibrous adhesions or scar tissue. This technique allows the body to return to a state of balance and for range of motion to be improved. Clients often report feeling tender for the few days following a Deep Tissue Massage.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is an effective therapy for professional athletes and amateur sportspeople to release tension and restore muscle balance. This massage style lowers stress levels and treats injuries, returning the body to a state of balance. It is also the ideal pre-match treatment if your goal is to improve performance and prevent injuries.

Hot Stone Therapy

Your Massage Therapist will gently place pre-heated, smooth stones on key points of your body. They may also employ the stones as an extension of their hands and massage specific areas of the body with them. The heat relaxes muscles and enables a deeper massage, reducing stress and tension.

Pregnancy massage

This is a soothing, gentle massage technique, able to be used safely in the second and third trimesters. This popular complementary therapy is great for reducing back pain when pharmaceutical pain relief is not advised. From week 38 onwards, Pregnancy Massage offers a range of techniques and specific pressure points that are able to be stimulated to assist in inducing labour.

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a soothing and gentle, yet effective massage style designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance the metabolism. As toxins and fluid are removed from the body oedema and conditions relating to the skin, digestion, cellulite and swelling are reduced. This in turn boosts the immune system and restores energy. Light pressure in combination with small pumping movements are used to return fluid to the heart via the lymph nodes.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage includes the use of oil or cream and long stroking motion. It is relaxing and energising, having a positive affect on nervous conditions, muscles, glands and circulation. When you're feeling emotional or stressed, Swedish Massage is the ideal technique to soothe your worries away.


This treatment has its foundations in the principle that there are energy points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond via the nervous system to other parts of the body, including the organs. When these points are stimulated with pressure, energy travels along the nerves, restoring balance to the entire body.

Foot Spa

Heated foot spas improve the flow of blood through the feet and skin, reducing congestion in the organs and brain. This treatment also raises body temperature, releasing tension from tight muscles, stimulating white blood cell activity and enhancing sleep.


Relaxation Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Swedish Massage

20 mins $40
30 mins $50
45 mins $75
60 mins $80
90 mins $115
120 mins $140

Remedial Massage (Health fund rebates are available - please let us know before booking)
Reflexology + Massage

30 mins $55
45 mins $75
60 mins $90
90 mins $125
120 mins $150

Hot Stone Massage
60 mins $105
90 mins $135
120 mins $160

Herbal Steam Inhalation 30 mins $30
Vietnamese herbal foot spa, 30 mins $30
Sauna 30 mins $30
Shower 15 mins $5


Cancellations please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.

For more information about any of Asian Hands' Massage therapies or to book, call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

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