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Balance Complementary Medicine

Balance Complementary Medicine

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Kelly Thomas

Servicing area

Cheltenham, Victoria

Focus areas

Martial arts training Complementary Stress management Bloating Love Hydration

Kelly Thomas

Live blood analysis
Nutritional Medicine
Weight loss specialist
Flower essences
Ear candling

Get ready for Spring! Weight loss special - 5 weeks for $405. A saving of $175!


Kelly can help you along every step of the way for your weight loss goals. She can help find any underlying problems that might hinder your efforts and weekly appointments will help to keep you on track to feeling and looking your best. A naturopathic weight loss consultation will look at EVERYTHING to do with YOU and your journey to full health. We do tests at the clinic to ascertain any underlying conditions which can contribute to weight gain. There may also be an emotional contribution to weight gain which needs to be addressed. Your body sometimes needs a helping hand.

Kelly Thomas is highly qualified and experienced naturopathic medicine practitioner. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Southern School of Natural Therapies where she excelled in research and received a high distinction for her post-graduate thesis on Ulcerative Colitis.

She is a member of National Herbalists Association Australia (N.H.A.A). Part of the requirement for belonging to this association is ongoing education so that patients are given the best, up to date information regarding all areas of health. Kelly is registered with all major health funds and patients are eligible for private health insurance rebates on consultations.

Kelly is a general naturopathic physician and has a broad range of interests in all aspects of health, prefering to treat with therapies such as bush flower remedies, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and homoeopathy.

During a consultation Kelly may use iridology or bioimpedance testing to help reach the right, individualised treatment plan. Iridology involves the study of the iris as a means to help see which organs might need support. Bioimpedence testing helps us to ascertain muscle mass and fat mass, cellular energy, hydration levels and biological age. Urinary indican testing is also a valuable tool that can assist in reading how the gut is functioning.

Kelly also runs an online consultation service
via skype for those that are living overseas or in rural areas where it’s difficult to get to a clinic. For more information pertaining to this service, please email Kelly at:

If you would like to experience better health, book in to see Kelly today.

BOOK IN NOW. Kelly is our Live blood screeningTechnician at Balance Complementary Medicine. Kelly is fully trained to screen your blood and can explain how different aspects of what she sees may relate to your health.

Using only one or two drops of your blood, Kelly can use to investigate the size, shape and rations of the red blood cells, white cells and platelets in your blood. She can then work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health.

Kelly will provide you with a customised computer report on the key features in your blood. This includes photos of your blood, information on the importance of these features for your health, and recommendations on how you can improve your health status. Best of all you can keep a record of your progress and see how your blood picture improves over time!

Kelly has received training in maximising healthy aging and improving vitality. She uses a scientifically validated test known as Biological Impedance Analysis (BIA), which can assist her to design a program specifically for your needs. Nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided, giving your body the building blocks for maximum health and energy.
Ask her about BIA today!

With consultations, supplementation, lifestyle changes and exercise, Kelly will help get you the right track and provide you with the support you need to continue to live a healthy life.

Men’s Health Revolution

Newsflash!! Women LOVE a man who knows how to take good care of himself! If you are sick of junk food ads undermining your intelligence and want to know how to eat healty delicious foods and get back to full health then send Kelly an email! Men are just as stressed as women and this affects your body in so many ways. Yet, a vast majority of patients that see a Naturopath are women. It’s time for a Men’s Health Revolution! The most important person in your life is…. You! So if you want to feel energetic, de-stressed and get a great night’s sleep, you should go to see Kelly and feel the empowerment of being educated about your body and learn what you can do to improve your health.

Gut feeling….

Eating a meal takes 80% of our body’s energy. Hmmmmm, our body is trying to tell us something – like eating is important…! Many people these days rush through the digesting process, eating bad foods and end up with an unhappy gut. Life can get pretty hectic, so while this is understandable, stomach issues need to be addressed. Bloating and constipation can be signs of a digestive problem that can be resolved by seeing a Naturopath. Kelly is skilled in diagnostic testing for food allergies, immune inbalances, leaky gut, inflammatory conditions and probiotic therapy.

Everyone is unique and interesting. What makes Kelly unique?

Inspired by the Native American way of living and their connection with the earth, at a very young age Kelly was intrigued by nature and planted her first flower (an iris) at the age of 7 years old. What sprouted was a passion for plants, nature and earth connection. At the same age she quipped her calling in life ‘to be a farmer’s wife’.

As the wonderful world beckoned her soul, she adventured out of her homeland in New Zealand and lived in America, London and Japan before settling in Australia. A true believer in ‘home is where the heart is’ Kelly holds these countries and their people in her heart and they are all ‘home’. There is however, a special place for Japan as she practiced Aikido and fell in love with the culture.

A nidan in Aikido, Kelly has learned more about herself via martial arts training and aims to arm herself with integrity and quiet confidence. She believes in the importance of self respect and the need to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. With the occasional side bowl of French fries.

Call Kelly today and GET IN SHAPE!

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