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Holistic Counselling is a very powerful modality. Our success is evident with each client. We guarantee our cutting edge counselling process can support you with your desired  life transformation and satisfaction.

Holistic Counselling, Psychology & Life Coaching

Servicing area

Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast & Australia-Wide

Focus areas

Relaxation Purpose Joy Wellness Circulation Lower back pain

Our experience and knowledge with more than 40 years of holistic counselling can help you with challenging issues that are keeping you away from achieving your most maximum potential. The achievement of our holistic counselling programs provides us with the required confidence and the ability to remove the risk to you by offering a total money back guarantee. A holistic healing system views the mind as they key factor in supporting energy and maintaining a connection to life’s underlying wholeness.

  • Are you feeling troubled by a past event and would love to break free of that "twinge" you feel while reviewing it?
  • Is it accurate to say that you are feeling overpowered by difficulties and would love help to move past them?
  • Would you want to determine these issues and calm your feelings in a short space of time?

Deborah Pepperdine and Ian Trew have proficient capabilities in psychology, life coaching and holistic counselling. They have been working alongside individuals on a professional and individual level for more than 20 years.

  • Utilising holistic counselling to:
  • Clarify your purpose, objectives and goals
  • Improve focus, energy and enthusiasm
  • Build wellness and health management programs
  • Resolve personal conflicts and dissolve distractions
  • Break through fear, anger or depression
  • Develop business strategies
  • Gain the knowledge and understanding to build wealth
  • Improve relationships

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