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Diversified Adjustments, Terminal Point Technique, Gonstead Technique, CBP Technique & Massage

Chiropractic Treatments

Here at Belmore Road Chiropractic in Randwick NSW, I offer different types of chiropractic treatments to address each client’s specific needs. 

Diversified Adjustments

The Diversified Adjustment technique is widely used for correcting a misaligned spine. It entails a high velocity, low amplitude thrust.

Terminal Point Technique

In this type of treatment, a special table is used to adjust the spine without applying too much pressure on it.

Gonstead Technique

This chiropractic technique focuses on examining the X-rays  of your spinal column to locate the dislocation and determine the appropriate adjustments to undertake. 

CBP Technique

The Chiropractic Biophysics treatment aims to correct your spine using a combination of 3-D images of your posture and exercises.


A chiropractic massage involves manipulation of the soft tissues, muscle stretching, postural retraining, mobilisation and motion palpation. Among the massage techniques employed are deep massage, remedial massage and the Nimmo technique.

What to Expect in a Treatment Session

First Visit 

On your initial consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire that is relevant to your case history. The more information you supply, the faster and easier it would be for me to determine what approach to take in treating your problem.

After filling out the form, we can sit down and discuss your issue. Feel free to raise any questions or concerns that you may have. Once I have addressed all your questions, we will proceed with the physical examination wherein I will assess your posture, the strength of your muscles, the structure of your joints and their mobility, and perform neurological tests. 

I will then make a diagnosis based on the results of your physical examination, and then start treating you. Our treatment session on your initial visit will last between 40 to 60 minutes.

Second Visit

I will present the results of your tests, explain what your problem is and my diagnosis, and then recommend the treatment that is most suitable for you. After this, we will proceed with the treatment session and appropriate exercises. I will also advise you on how to further your progress. All succeeding appointments will take 30 minutes in duration. 

X-ray Assessment and Interpretation

I am fully trained to read X-rays. In fact, I would suggest that you bring your old X-rays and other medical records on your initial visit.

Massage Before Adjustments

Back pain is often caused by your muscles and back joints. So before we proceed with the adjustments, I will perform a massage therapy to treat these areas. This is also a good way to relax your body before we get started on the actual treatment session.

No Contracts

I don’t believe in contracts and don’t see the point in making you pay in advance for a series of treatments. You may come and go as you please. 

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