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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy
Melbourne Hypnotherapist, Dr. Bruce Alexander can offer you private Hypnotherapy consultations at his clinic in Kew.

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a fast and easy way to achieve a focused and relaxed state of consciousness which is similar to that experienced in meditation. Profound relaxation is healthy for the mind. However, this altered state of awareness can also be utilised in several other ways to enhance your quality of life. These are seen through:

Improved Visualisation

Whilst relaxing you are in a state where you can better visualise your goals. Success in relationships, career and sport are greatly enhanced when you are clear about what it is that you want. Hypnosis is a highly effective way to become more in touch and geared towards your specific goals. Hypnotherapy is a tool that will assist you to create the life you have longed for.

Increasing Suggestibility

Positive suggestions can be utilised to assist you to alter habitual behaviours you may have been unable to change on your own.

Highlighting limiting beliefs

The deepest changes that will come in life occur when you are able to highlight and alter a limiting belief or thought. If you focus clearly and deeply at the root of a personal issue, you will nearly always find a limiting belief. Whilst deeply focused and relaxed on an issue during hypnosis, a patient may discover a new insight or solution to a limiting or persistent problem.

Can Hypnotherapy Assist Me?

Life can at times be difficult but you have all the tools to manage it on your own. If you feel like your life is being affected by some of the following issues, hypnotherapy is an effective modality for you.

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Cigarette, alcohol and drug addiction

  • Fear of flying, spiders, needles, heights, public speaking

  • Sexual problems

  • Weight loss

  • Relationship issues

  • Gambling addiction

  • Low self confidence

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Adolescent problems

Our Hypnotherapy Programs Include

  • Smoking

  • Anxiety

  • Alcohol

  • Sleeping

  • Self-confidence

  • Weight

  • Gambling

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


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