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Sarah Chemaissem

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Beyond NLP Coaching

Intuition and Inspiration are the twin sparks that light up the bright being that is you.

Beyond NLP Coaching - Hypnotherapy

Beyond NLP Coaching - Hypnotherapy

Nothing in the world is more powerful than your own mind. It is the essence of your reality.  If things are not working out for you the way you dreamed, the answer is in your mind.  If you want to be better, be more successful, become fulfilled, be calm, commanding, loved, happy, efficient, joyful, satisfied, respected… the answer is in your mind.  If you want to change things, live a better life, get rid of the garbage that is cluttering up your life, the answer is…you guessed it… in your mind. 

We sometimes need help tapping into the answers our mind produces.  That’s where hypnotherapy can help.  It allows you to safely access parts of your mind that have remained closed to you because you didn’t know how to open them.  Hypnotherapy gives you the key.  Guided by a qualified hypnotherapist, you’ll discover talents, strengths, and powers you didn’t know you had. 

You will have the ability to grow and change in whichever directions you choose because Hypnotherapy is all about choice.  Providing you with better options, new pathways to follow, new worlds to conquer, or simply just improving your current circumstances, hypnotherapy opens doors for you and helps you change or fix what is not working.

Let me help you change and grow.

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