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Beyond Mastery of Life

Maryam Saligheh

Castle Hills NSW 2153

As a spiritual healer, during the session, I receive guidance on what needs to be released from your energy field.  As a  spiritual healer, I work with Jesus Christ and his unconditional love. 

Beyond Mastery of Life - Spiritual Healing

Using my psychic and intuitive healing abilities, I help you realize the unhealed emotions and energy blocks of past events. Including- but not limited to- the emotional wounds of your childhood relationships. I also help you banish the patterns of unworthiness so you can create your communication with the universe based on the truth of who you are. 
By releasing the energy blocks and trapped emotions, you will realize the stream of abundance at various levels of your experience including finances, health, relationships, and career. The trapped emotions once identified can lead to the realization of your true power. Below are some of the common patterns that I work with: Feeling numb, feeling indifference, feeling stuck, confusion, self-doubt, incompatibility, indecisiveness, isolation, bondage, manipulation, controlling behaviors, a lack of interest in life, feeling inferior, and experiencing inner conflict.

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Beyond Mastery of Life - Spiritual Healing