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Assessing your current state of energetic health and wellbeing.

Bioenergetic Health - NES Health

NES Health Energetic Health & Wellbeing Assessment

The Scanning process

NES software works by transmitting information from an optimal body-field map into the body, then correlating and analysing the response that is received from each part of your body-field map. Upon completion of the scan, the software will highlight any distortions that have been picked up in the body’s energy and information and makes suggestion for its appropriate correction.

Despite your symptoms or diagnosis according to conventional medicine

A NES scan shows what your body-field indicates as the underlying distortion in your system’s information and energy fields. It doesn’t deal with your physical symptom, it seeks the underlying cause of your issues at the HBF level, at first this may seem unrelated to your diagnosis.

Your practitioner will address the physical problems you are experiencing

By concentrating on the energetic underlying cause of the issue following a specific sequence, which the scan recognises as the priority for correction. Each successive scan will highlight the improvements achieved and reveals the next priority for correction. An NES scan is safe and non-invasive. It is a unique tool that allows for you to analyse and correct your health and wellbeing when issues arise.

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