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Bloom Beauty Boutique

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Bloom Beauty Boutique
Where you can evolve and bloom with confidence.

Bloom Beauty Boutique

Welcome to Bloom Beauty Boutique

Bloom Beauty Boutique where you can evolve and bloom with confidence.

Our expert team of therapists will provide you with a professional experience leaving you feeling nourished, pampered, relaxed and glowing.

Bloom Beauty Boutique was established by Senior therapist Lorna Watson and Courtney Murdock-Brown. They believe that everyone is beautiful, and this can be shown by installing confidence back into woman in todays society. Every woman deserves to BLOOM. We are helping women achieve their desired results and have designed packages to suit every individual.

Indulge in one or many of our treatments and see for yourself how truly amazing this experience is.


Bloom Beauty Boutique offers an extensive range of beauty and well being Treatments including Facials, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures, Non Surgical Face Lifts and Anti Ageing Injectables. Indulge in one or many of our treatments and see for yourself how truly amazing this experience is.

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation is a non invasive skin treatment utlising an intense pulse light machine (IPL). Over time the sun and the natural aging process can cause damage to the skin. This can lead to premature aging, uneven pigmentation, age spots and coarser skin texture. IPL treatments help to stimulate the fibroblast cells in the skin which produce collagen and elastin. IPL is suitable for all ages.

IPL treatments can cover all aspects of skin aesthetics and structure. IPL can be used in the treatment of sunspots and pigmentation irregularities. It can be used help repair small blood vessels that may have become visible. IPL can help to improve your skin texture, eliminate large pores or help combat acne problems. IPL can help treat rosacea or other redness in the skin.

Anti Ageing Injectables

Gaynor has over 20 years experience in both adult and children’s nursing. During her nursing career, she has completed a Bachelor of Medical Science Degree (HONS) in Specialist Community Healthcare Practice and therefore practised as a Specialist Nurse Practitioner for a number of years in the UK.

Gaynor developed an interest in the cosmetic field 5 years ago and therefore decided to complete further training to enhance and compliment her natural artistic flare and ‘good eye’ to deliver excellent results with these treatments.

She travelled to Harley Street in London , the ‘heart’ of the cosmetic industry, to undertake further specialised training for both general and advanced techniques in the administration of anti ageing injectables. Following the success of her anti ageing business in the UK, Gaynor proceeded to utilise her knowledge and skills here in Australia . She now has a successful facial rejuvenation business here on the Gold Coast with many happy clients!

Weight Loss

Diamond Contours a system which creates a reduction of visible cellulite and congestion anywhere on the body. It stimulates the extra cellular matrix or the fluid substance just under the skin, to treat the first stage of cellulite, which is stagnation, and the second stage which is cellulitis. Reducing stagnation by increasing circulation and infusing pure plant botanical herbal and homeopathic extracts into the epidermis of the skin. This is a comfortable state of the art treatment reducing cellulite and fatty build up on the face and body.

Hollywood Lift.Incorporating full face padding and utilising the extraordinary powers of the Diamond Medilift, the Hollywood Lift is a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to facial lifting and sculpting. During the procedure the skin is tightened , the muscles are lifted and lymphatic drainage is increased thereby reducing puffiness and providing for a natural looking facial lift. The Hollywood Lift puts the face through a premium workout painlessly and gently over 10 one hour sessions, twice a week.

Diamond Medilift For the first time, an efficient and effective method has been developed for a non-surgical face-lift and body contouring. The Diamond Medilift provides a 5-wave length device that can be used to tone muscles anywhere on the body as well as decrease and mobilize fat in certain areas.

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