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The World’s Most Powerful Health Retreat

Infra Red Sauna

Sweat your way better health

The healthy process of sweating in a Physiotherm infrared Therapy cabin at a temperature of between 30 – 40°C is an excellent method to improve and even remove various ailments. Regular deep infrared therapy treatments increase the metabolic rate and detoxify the body. A strong, consistent flow of energy is the key to alleviating tension. By enhancing the blood circulation in the back, a cocktail of endorphins is released bringing your body into a state of well-being. Several studies and expert statements prove: Users of Physiotherm deep Infrared Heat Therapy are healthier, happier and have got more energy at their disposal.


How does it work?

Infrared heat is everywhere and is emitted from our own bodies ( this is what a burglar alarm senses when you walk into a room). A Physiotherm Infrared Therapy cabin simply offers that same heat back to you from cutting edge, patented, lava sand heaters, providing a safe and gentle deep he therapy session. There is no danger of burning as no ultraviolet is produced.


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