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Bluey's Yoga

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Experience Freedom In Your Body, Quiet In Your Mind And Space In Your Heart With Vinyasa Yoga.

Bluey's Yoga

Focus areas

Creativity Pregnancy support Stress management Relaxation Happiness Posture

About Blueys Yoga

Blueys Yoga offers Creative Vinyasa Flow classes and caters to Beginner – General levels. Vinyasa Yoga involves flowing from pose to pose with the breath such as in a Salute to the Sun. This works to release blockages, deeply cleanse the body and increase energy flow. You can expect clear instruction on alignment as well as modifications so students can choose a version of a pose compatible to their experience and ability.

Yoga is highly beneficial for:

  • Sports people

  • Anyone suffering from injury or recovering from illness

  • Stress and Hypertension

  • Reconditioning the body and mind

  • Complete Beginners

  • Experienced Practitioners

  • Surfers

  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care

  • Cyclists

  • New Parents

  • Anyone seeking more peace and happiness

What You Can Expect From Yoga

  • Increased flexibility

  • Skills for Mental and Physical Relaxation

  • A quieter and clearer mind

  • A more effective immune system

  • Enhanced creativity and spontaneity

  • A stronger and fitter body

  • A sense of connectedness (to your life, environment and those around you)

  • A sense of feeling both grounded and light at the same time

  • Meditation skills

  • Instruction on how to achieve a daily practice

About Sarah Downs

Sarah is a London-trained teacher, registered with YOGA AUSTRALIA (Level II) and has been teaching for 16 years and indulging for 20. She draws upon her knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga (vinyasa yoga using sequences which flow from pose to pose) and Iyengar Yoga (focusing on alignment and endurance with the use of props).

Sarah’s classes use Vinyasa sequences (such as Salute to the Sun) to deeply cleanse the body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Props are also used to modify Asanas (postures) where required or as a means of inquiry into a posture and it’s potential to open the body and heart. Pranayama (breath control), meditation and yoga philosophy are also explored in a light-hearted atmosphere. Asana, or physical work, is only one of 8 limbs of yoga, so Sarah aims to focus on one of the more philosophical aspects of yoga in conjunction with a physical practice for a deeper experience of the Self.

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