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Micah Medical Intuitive

Potts Point NSW 2201

Servicing area: Sydney and Brisbane

Micah Medical Intuitive

Micah Medical Intuitive offers Readings, Quantum Healing sessions + Medical Hypnosis for clients who would like to move forward and take control of their healing process

Micah Medical Intuitive + Quantum Healing + Medical Hypnosis

Micah is a clairvoyant and has extensive training in Nursing and Health Science, her studies in Iridology and Natural therapies all compliment her work.

A gift from her ansestors. Micahs strenghts are in the areas of sight, mediumship and ancient healing systems.

Intuitive readings by Micah


Cost $250 for 1 hr


Quantum Healing QH

Price - $120 per hr

Are you ready to have your memory intelligence gracefully restored to your cells?

Quantum Healing (QH) involves work on a cellular and inter dimensional level, to find healing and balance. Your experiences are based on your human and cosmic minds. Your physical body comprises inherited DNA and soul DNA. Soul DNA is the astral memory of every event your consciousness has experienced. Every experience accumulates knowledge and experiences, which colour how you view your reality. This view can become distorted due over lifetimes of experiences and can be seen, for example, in physical manifestations - nervous or digestive system issues for instance.

QH can assist in the elimination of health problems and their causes. Your QH professional will teach you how to release cell memories and to access the information you have always possessed. You will gain the most from your relationships, resolve past life issues related to the present, and promote the natural path of ascension that we were all originally designed for.  

QH involves 3 sessions for optimal results. A discount of $30.00 is available if you book a 3 pack session. Bookings must be made at time of payment.

Serious illness will necessitate a therapies programme and possible overnight stay.

Medical Hypnosis MH

Price - $120 per hr

MH Therapy recalibrates the distorted intelligence of the body and mind, returning you to a state of balance.

Your MH practitioner will facilitate your access to the trance state, then make suggestions using guided imagery to improve wellbeing in the body cellular.

Conditions relating to blood, lymph, tissue, bone, muscular, BP and diseases of the body + mind are able to be approached in a way that will strengthen your focus and improve your self-belief.

Medical Hypnosis uses a range of techniques, your session will vary according to your personality, needs and goals.

Micah has worked with many people with illness and blockages during her career and has found that if we believe in ourselves and trust the nature and nurture process, we have the ability to eliminate the cell memories, blockages and limiting patterns dominating our blue print, that we can access a higher part of ourselves and unlock the door to other infinite worlds.


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Micah Medical Intuitive + Quantum Healing + Medical Hypnosis