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Body Confidence by Ryka

Ryka Johnson

Sydney NSW 2000

Body Confidence by Ryka

Body Confidence by Ryka

My Story

Years Old

My Love for food was born. my parents alway grew fresh vegetables in our backyard and I think that this was when the idea of good produce was first exposed to me.

From this day store bought food would never be the same

Years Old

My passion for GOOD FOOD was ignited. I think this came down to the fact of how bad a cook my Dad was (sorry dad). I remember he used to love this salad and he would always put between 4-5 raw cloves of garlic minced through it.

That really set me on the path to seek out goodfood, because I was sick of bad food.

Years Old

I started to experiment with food. Just at home, but I started to realise that there were things possible with food that you couldn’t do anywhere else.

Endless flavours and combinations

Years Old

My firt real job in a seafood market. I learned so much about fresh produce and it really piqued my curiosity about the quality of food

Years Old

My first real Kitchen job.

I was hired as an apprentice chef at Rockpool

Years Old

I had completed my apprenticeship 800 hours of schooling and over 10, 100 hours of work experience.

3 cooking competitions, 2 tafe competitions and a whole lot of cuts, burns and tears.

I was now a qualified chef

Years Old

I was growing tired of the long hours, low pay, hard work, back aches and fat stomach.

I was pondering if there was more to it than being tired all the time

I decided it was time to get in shape and lose weight.

So I did and I felt great, I then also decided that ther was more to life than being fat.

I studied my Personal Training course and decided to run with a new direction in life after experienceing my own profound weightloss journey.

Years Old

After working my arse off to build a reputable PT business and a client base  I realised that I was stuck in the same position of working my butt off and being tired.

So I decided to dedicate some tome to build a system theat would not only keep in me shape and help me lose weight but allow me to really unlock energy, performance and life.

Years Old

Food Fit Love

Is born

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