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We sell Books, CDs and tapes about Body Harmony written and presented by Don McFarland, founder of Body Harmony.

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Body Secrets – Book


By Don McFarland

Price: $55.00

A Handbook for Body workers, Healers and Other Apprentice Sorcerers - Unwinding your Historical Limitations. If you let it, your body will tell its secrets. And having told them, will be free to move on. This is a book about listening to those secrets.


Body Secrets – Tape


By Don McFarland

Price: $35.00

Unwinding Your Historical Limitations:

This is based on Don’s Book “Body Secrets”

Don talks about Body Harmony, and its application. He talks candidly about learning to listen to your client and what your client means, not what you think that means, and how that changes the results of the body work. You get a chance to experience a taste of Don talking you through a Body Harmony Experience.


Body Secrets – CD Set


Narrated by Don McFarland

Price: $110.00


Benedictions of Pan – Book


By Don McFarland

Price: $40.00

Crossing Perceptual thresholds. "A handbook for body workers, healers, and other apprentice sorcerers… to bring the enchantment into your practice and the magic into your life." Discover the enchantment of touch. A major paradox of tissue is that here, more is actually less. In this situation, more effort equals less proficiency. In the protocols of the tissues, less effort creates more personal power, personal freedom and personal choice. (p84)

In the Manifesto of the Body.. as transmitted through the Earth.. it states that when we introduce a movement possibility into the equation, modified by a slightly whimful pulsation, we are reminding the body of how to release its own inner vibrations, and recreate its own climate of healing. (p86)

It's the attention to details, no matter how small that gets you there. Consciously illuminate the smallest of details that you encounter within your world, because there are no small details. What appears of little consequence may be the cornerstone of a gigantic illusion. (p177)

This book helps you to illuminate the illusions and shows you the protocols to crossing the perceptual thresholds to new understanding, ease, and alignment of body and mind.


Here’s Looking at You…Body – CD


Price: $35.00


The Body Harmony Experience – CD


By Don McFarland, Duncan Hogg, Ginna Carruthers and Linda McFarland.

Price: $20.00

"The question I am most often asked is – can Body Harmony help such and such a condition? We don’t treat conditions. We treat people who would like a greater say in their destiny. Body harmony can help anyone take a more active role in his or her physiological responses. I have yet to see any person that can not benefit from the process. When your tissues and your intentions sing the same song and dance the same dance – that’s Body Harmony!"

Dr Don McFarland


We also have a growing dispensary of Herbs and Homoeopathic Remedies.

Remedies are supplied with consultations and made to suit the individual clients needs.


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