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For all Practitioners, have you considered using Tissue Salts?


Tissue Salts can empower your clients to improve their outcome, without increasing your workload.

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My clients get incredible value and start feeling better sooner. They feel empowered because they can see what they are doing and how it is helping both themselves and their family. Tissue Salts allow me to increase my income per client, without increasing my workload.

Facial signs for mineral deficiencies and imbalance occur before chronic disease processes become obvious. Tissue salts can not only help your clients health improve but they also play a key role in prevention. Your clients tell you what minerals they need, when you know the language. 


I find that my clients improve 30-50% faster using tissue salts. They feel the benefits.

If they still need the tissue salts and stop (as many clients do sometime in their treatment – they will return to taking the tissue salts because they can feel the difference when they stop taking them).

Tissue salts work not only at the level of the initial symptoms, but also deeper through the whole body.

There is a very simple formula to working out what minerals you client is deficient in. for accurate treatment and diagnosis you need to have all of these components to get the best results.

Use this simple treatment formula to increase the effectiveness of your consultations.


Secret 1 - The Right Remedy In The Right Place At The Right Time Creates Results


The initial improvement from Tissue Salts is often experienced between seconds to three days of taking the remedy. Getting early successes with your client on one or two of their symptoms gives them confidence to continue with your treatment plan.

As we know, sometimes chronic cases begin treatment with one practitioner and move on to the next one without following through on treatment. Early successes in your treatment plan will give them confidence to work with you over the term of the full treatment.

Case study: Client with indigestion
Elaine was experiencing difficulty eating. Each mouthful was a struggle to get down. She would take twice the time of anyone else in her family to eat a meal because each mouthful would get stuck on the way down. Between each mouthful she would need to get up to spit out food that wouldn’t go down properly. It had been happening for a year or more, and was getting worse. She was prescribed 3 minerals. She took the first mineral, 2 Calc Phos tablets just before her next meal to help stimulate her body to digest her food. She sat down, took her first bite, chewed, and then, as per usual had to get up to spit. This time though, she spat out a lot of mucous and other “yukky stuff”. She sat down, and for the first time was able to eat and digest a complete meal, without any further disruption. She hasn’t had the same problem eating since. This was her primary complaint, and it built her confidence in Tissue Salts treatment. She is continuing with the minerals because this is just one part of what it is treating, and this built her confidence and trust in the treatment.


Secret 2 - You Don’t Need To Know The Name Of The Disease To Treat Your Client


We treat People, not diseases. We are not diagnosing diseases, we are diagnosing mineral deficiencies. The clients History, signs and symptoms, and Facial Diagnostics help us determine which minerals they are deficient in, and how to treat those mineral deficiencies using Tissue Salts.

We then ask “Why are they deficient in those minerals?”. The causes are many and varied, and include inflammation, infection, and stress – whether from environmental, lifestyle, relationships, work, food or lifestyle, and even thoughts.

Stepping back though the disease process and when it gets triggered allows you to determine the cause of the process. The signs and symptoms, and the Facial Signs help you determine the minerals, and the History helps determine how long the deficiency has been occurring. This makes it very easy for you to work out how to prescribe.

Follow the simple formula and watch the results follow!


Secret 3 - Tissue Salts enhance other treatments.


Do you have some clients where your treatment doesn’t seem to be having an effect, or doesn’t hold.

So many times I have seen when Tissue Salts are given, the case starts to turn around. Why? Because the body is depleted in essential minerals. You can be prescribing well indicated supplements, herbs, medications, homeopathic remedies, and other medications, but improvement is slow.

This is usually an indication that the nutrition isn’t getting in and out of the cells. If the cells don’t have the correct nutrition, whatever you give it may only be partially effective until the mineral imbalance is rectified.

When the appropriate Tissue Salts are given, the cells start absorbing the nutrients and excreting the toxins effectively, fluids start moving in and out of the cells effectively and not only does the client feel improvement, but the other treatments also start working more effectively.

Enquire now for the course on Tissue Salts that gives tools and strategies on how to do this.


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