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Body Mind Spirit Past Present Future

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Eltham, Melbourne Suburbs - 0413 587 571

Focus areas

Joy Physical health Brain integration Love Hormones Headaches

Etheric Reconnective System:

The Etheric Reconnective System is a complex combination of all the modalities listed below on my website.
This System is not for everyone until their Spiritual Connection has reached a certain level of development and their guides can assist in this process.
The total system will give maximim potential to whoever accepts the Process.

Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual Healing has been practised throughout the world through many centuries by members of various religions and cultures. The spiritual healing energies work simultaneously on all of a client's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This consultation is with the client in presence and generally is stronger/more effective and seldom requires many visits. We will advise you on application whether your consultation needs to be a Contact Healing or a Distant Healing.

What issues can be addressed for both Contact and Distant Spiritual Healing?

Problems with the physical body ........ pain, injury, structural misalignment, acute and chronic illnesses.
Lack of energy ...... physical, low energy and fatigue.
Fears ..... anxiety, phobias, deep-seated subconscious fears.
Emotional and psychological issues ..... all kinds of emotional blocks and difficulties, relationship problems, self-esteem and confidence issues, painful memories and emotional imprints,
Learning and development problems.

Spiritual Distant Healing:

This process begins with the therapist being told of the person concerned. This may be someone they know or themself. Once the healing process has been activated it continues until the client has improved to the point of feeling what has changed or feels different.
The client then advises the therapist so that the work can progress. Once the client has advised of the progress the fee should be deposited into the account number provided then the healing process will continue.
The client will then advise again what else has changed or feels different - by then the symptoms will have eased or will have gone all together.
The benefits of distant healing are mainly that the client does not have to travel long distances to receive the healing work.

Etheric Meridian Correction:

The Meridian System's function is to transport Life Force and Blood to adjust the Physical Body. They also nourish tendons and bones, and improve joint function. The 12 Major Meridians are the Lung, Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen/Pancreas, Kidney, Large Intestine, Pericardium, Heart, Stomach, Triple-Warmer, Small Intestine, and Bladder. The 2 Minor Meridians of Most importance are the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel. The Meridians keep the Chakra Systems balanced and allow the Life Force to flow through the Subtle Bodies, raising Frequency and Consciousness. The Subtle Bodies include Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Subtle Body/DNA.

Life Force Correction:

There is a Universal Energy known as Life Force, Prana or Chi Energy.
If there is an imbalance in our Life Force flow, it creates disruption in all of our other Energy Systems. Life Force Correction is a powerful modality to utilize and increase our frequencies and consciousness.

Heart Awakening:

The purpose of Heart Awakening is to express our relationship with Spirit. It is a journey in which the deepest levels of healing can take place. Your personality in living in the awareness of unconditional Love, will lead you to discover the real nature of the World we live in.
This perspective is the key to all healing.

Illuminating Heart:

The Heart contains the original instructions of Life, and when the Heart is again in control of a person's life – Life responds with Joy And Power.
When the Mer-Ka-Ba is directly connected to the Sacred Space of the Heart, that person's life becomes interconnected to all life everywhere and moves into a higher consciousness naturally.

Light Body DNA Code Activation:

We are aware that while the planet is undergoing a shift to a higher frequency, and that because she is a living moving energy system, all who reside within her Energy Fields will also experience this realignment of their personal energy field to higher frequencies and higher octaves of Light. Tuning ourselves to the higher octaves of Light and changing our vibrational frequency is a gradual one. Our energy fields are infused with and realigned to Light gradually through the transmutation of our current physical body as it mutates and absorbs more Light. Activating ("turning on") and Attuning ("turning up") your DNA Light Codes to their highest level of resonance helps empower people to awaken to their full soul potential, awakening new or heightening existing talents, perceptions, and awareness. A DNA activation session is an incredible, powerful and sacred experience. We alchemically blend the energetic properties of crystals, sacred geometry, light, colour, sound, and the elements to increase the frequency of light within the DNA, activating the codes to the highest vibratory level to which the person can currently hold within their physical body at this time

DNA Re-Awakening:

DNA Re-Awakening is a subtle dimensional process in which the two strands of DNA regularly perceived in the human being energetically reconnect. Mankind is presently expanding its self-conception as our new Consciousness continues to grow and mankind aligns more and more with the Cosmic Consciousness. Light which is contained in the DNA structure will continue to increase and the physical body will enjoy its Divine heritage.

Etheric Interdimensional Correction:

Etheric Interdimensional Correction process brings alignment to our Light Consciousness and then automatically connects to Universal Consciousness, which tunes and corrects us to all of our Subtle Bodies.
This activation prepares us for the shift that is already happening Universally as we approach 2012.

Multidimensional Healing:

In any phase of our Spiritual journey we may start undergoing Trans-temporal experiences. Trans temporal occurrences are experiences that can originate from a past life existence or a parallel life reality. Time is not necessarily linear and can be multi-directed through all the dimensional realities of the Universe. Past, Present and Future existences weave together an almost dynamic geometric grid pattern that comprises what we call multidimensional reality.

Past Life Regression:

Memory, when combined with emotion, is what allows someone in Past Life Regression to be freed from the prison of their fears and phobias. Stress from fears from past life can sometimes be more than one memory and so several lifetimes that create present-life fears need to be resolved. Past Life Regression can be beneficial for people who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or depression/ have an unexplained fear or phobia/have an unexplained physical ailment that keeps recurring/have undergone a traumatic experience and find it hard to move forward.

Etheric Surgery:

Everything that happens to us shows up in our Etheric or energy bodies, well before it is known in our physical bodies. Dis-ease can be caused by negative thoughtforms, energy blockages, past life injuries and rips in our aura. Etheric Surgery can remove and repair the energy in your aura, which will then filter down into your physical body. By repairing holes, rips, etc in your etheric body, healing can then occur in the physical body.

Esoteric Vibrational Correction:

The Esoteric Body is the instrument of life, which produces and sustains the physical form.
The Esoteric link between the Physical World and the Higher Realms are linked at the Astral Plane.
In the link between the Physical World and the Astral Plane are many fears created by Past Experiences.

Earth Energetic Correction:

Unity consciousness is available through the Earth, Solar system, and Human Consciousness. Negative frequencies necessitate an energetic correction to alleviate fear that has been with Mankind since first being on Earth. Humanity must realise that Earth has a Consciousness and record of all events since we began here on Earth and those records are being interfered with by our constant search for wealth and prosperity.
The work that Humanity must do is to fully disconnect consciousness from the false Matrix of fear, conflict, control and separation.

Crystal Dimension Correction:

The structural complexity found in the Earth's Crystaline Body forms a Dimensional equivalent similar to that of the Higher Planes of Universe. There is a Core Shaft acting as a Conduit running through the centre of the Crystaline Body. The Structural Elements in the Crystal Dimension form the building blocks of Life itself. The Conduit running through the Crystal Dimension, if unbalanced, can effect all of the energy centres in the body, the Organs and all Body Systems. It can also effect the Cells, the Mitochondria, the DNA, and the balance of Hormones.
As Energy from the Earth's Iron Core passes through the Crystal Dimension towards Earth's surface, there is an increase in the Energy Frequency resulting in an accumulation of Light.

Merkaba Correction:

The Merkaba is a spinning structure of light similar to the Chakras. It is similar in that when it works properly, it works as an inter-dimensional gateway so that higher consciousness may incarnate into the physical body. Without the Merkaba being activated the other parts of the light body, such as the Chakras, cannot incarnate properly and may not be stable.

Electromagnetic Radiation Correction:

Electromagnetic radiation of light and vibrational frequency is shown as a form of wavelengths. This Electromagnetic Radiation of Light is the Cosmic Rays. The Cosmic Rays are emitted from the Universe, through the Central Sun, down through space, and into the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. This introduces colours and sound vibrations, transformed in particles of Vibrational Energy This penetrates the Electromagnetic Circuitry in the top of the head, and then travels down through all of the Chakra Systems and all layers of the Aura. This then needs to provide all of the requirements for Physical Form.
If anything becomes imbalanced on this journey and blockages occur, then Physical Form suffers on all levels.

Etheric Consciousness Correction:

The Etheric Body is the Second Principle of Human Nature. It forms the basis of the Life of the Physical Body. When we arrive on Earth Plane, we come with an understanding that when we see the Body belonging to our Physical Being we are One immediately, so if not then Fear is created and we start to concern ourselves about some way of letting the Physical Body know of that fear.
Our Consciousness connected to Universe is altered to a point that Physical Body starts to Sabotage All Systems.
With time the Physical Body gives up, due to the imbalance Vibrationally of misalignment to Spiritual Form.

Assemblage Point Healing: :

A shift in the location of Assemblage Point will indicate that there is a Spiritual Imbalance that needs correcting. A correction changing Energy Flow around the Body will increase health and well being. The Assemblage Point affects every aspect of your health, your mental state and your overall well-being.
Just as high blood pressure can be a signal that something is wrong, or a fever can indicate you have an infection, an Assemblage Point that is out of place is a sign that your health is not what it should be.

Body of Light Correction: :

Within our Subtle Astral and Etheric Energy is an imaginary Silver Cord, that runs from Universe, through our Aura and on to the Centre of Earth Core Crystal.
The Silver Cord aligns with Assemblage Point, and variation in the verticle angle of the Silver Cord can create discord to our Spiritual Balance.

Etheric Adrenal Correction: :

Our Body remembers every trauma and injury that is carried within every Energetic Imprint in the Layers of the Aura. Often it even carries the imprints of traumatic events from previous lives of those of our ancestors within this field.
If these events are too intense, or threaten our survival, we disconnect from the memory of them, but energetically we still carry these imprints in the form of cell memory with us untill we find a way of releasing and healing these traumas.
This can also include false images which we form during childhood, and which can later dominate and sabotage adult behaviour.

Etheric Amydala Correction:

The function of Amydala is to store Past Life experiences in the Brain in an area that it cannot effect normal thinking patterns. Unfortunately sometimes current fears become tangled with past fears in this process, and upon many levels of subconscious processing at many levels with the Nervous System. Loss of Integrated Brain Function, termed loss of Brain Integration, can result in the loss of a specific mental capacity, and the ability to perform a specific type of mental task. When these specific mental capacities are required for academic performances, their loss can result in Specific Learning Disabilities.
While this processing through multiplexing and parrallel processing at many different levels is highly efficient, it means that Brain Processing is complex.

Negative Cellular And Holographic Cleansing:

As you grow Spiritually, and your frequency climbs into Higher Levels, you will at some point out grow your Old Vibrational Level. You will also find that other problems arise from other Dimensions that have opened up. On a Physical Plane problems that were corrected already in the past consultations may re-appear on different levels, such as Mental, Emotional or Holographically Spiritually.

Paranormal Disturbances:

Paranormal Disturbances usually occur in situations where a Vibrational Level interacts with an Energy left behind from an Impression or Imprint, involving a negative situation more than likely not resolved.
Often this occurs when previous occupants of a house or a work environment, or a situation between several people take place, and Negative Energy remains.The result from this could range from drug taking, alcoholism, domestic violence, abuse or suicide. Other possibilities range from feeling drained, depressed or unmotivated.
Some people suffer confusion, disorientation, exaustion, vagueness and irrational fears, irritability and negative obsessive thoughts.

Parallel Universes And Dimensions Correction:

A Parrallel Universe is an Alternative Reality and generally can be used interchangeably.
A Parallel Universe is more general than a Parallel Dimension because it generally implies a relationship with our own Universe.
A Parallel Universe can be used interchangeably but cannot relate to Physical terms. A Parallel Dimension, on the other hand, is more a Holographic Identification of who we have been in another life, another time, another Planet or another Universe.
Both Parallel Universes and Parallel Dimensions have either an Impression, and or an Imprint, Holographically with us, which may have connected in our Present Existence.
This may relate to problems that exist currently in our Present Existence concerning Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual Disorders.

Holographic Planetary Correction:

Raising your Vibrational Level to the highest note can give you resonation to All Other Planets. During your Consciousness Journey, using Higher Centres, including Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, you create a direct Trinity Form.
Using your own melody of energetic rays, the frequencies are rejuvenating and
harmonising to Our Own System and all of Our Planets holding Mother Earth's Transharmonic Gateway Systems that hold the best Feminine Energy Balance for this point of time.

Cosmic Alignment Correction:

In a time when we are changing from one Energy Source to another, we are experiencing problems on Earth. The New Energy that we are already experiencing has changed Our Pattern Of Physical Form.
Many people are experiencing problems on all Levels that have related to various Dimensions.
These problems have intertwined with problems from Past Life Experiences, and some of these experiences are not necessarily concerns connected to Earth.
Other Planets are pulling and swaying our Energetic Connections and people are suffering problems on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Levels. Some of these problems have been enitiated from connections with other Planets.

Holographic Cosmic Correction:

Due to the accelerated expansion of Our Universe, we are experiencing great changes in Our Energy Flow and Vibrational Level.
Due to this situation of our expanding Universe, Radiation from Our Sun is affecting us in several ways.
The Surface Of Earth is experiencing other problems, including Climate Change, Ice melting at the Polar Regions, and changes to Earth's Protective Magnetic Sheild.
Cosmic Universe is suffering in a similar way. All Planets in Our Universe are feeling the effects of this situation in various ways. We are not helping with this situation, due to Our resistance, in believing that we play no part in the current effect to do with Climate Change.

Cosmic Electromagnetic Correction:

The Earth has been suffering from Climate Change.
Cosmic Universe is suffering in a similar way. All Planets are feeling the effects of this situation in various ways. We are not helping with this due to our resisance in believing that we play no part in the current effect of Our responsilility to do with Climate Change.

Earth's Magnetic Field Correction:

The Earth's Magnetic Field is produced by the motion of Electrical Charges, known as the Dynamo Effect. The Earth's Magnetosphere represents a region of space dominated by the Earth's Magnetic Field in the sense that it largely prevents the Solar Wind from entering Earth's Atmosphere and causing catostrophic damage to everything on Earth. When the Solar Wind encounters Earth's Magnetic Field it is deflected so that this cannot happen.

Holographic Electromagnetic Correction:

The World is surrounded by Magnetic Fields: some generated by the Earth's Magnetism, and some magnetic fields created by Electrical devices. Some of these include motors, televisions, office equipment, computers, microwave ovens, electrical wiring in homes and power lines. The Human Body produces a Subtle Magnetic Field, generated by Chemical Reactions within Cells and Ionic Currents of the Nervous System. Our Electomagnetic Field is constantly being disturbed by interference from all kinds of negativity produced from Magnetic disturbances.

Earth's Iron Core Correction:

The Earth has a radius of about 6370 kilometres and over the past 100 years or so Geoscientists have put together a detailed picture of the Earth's Interior. An Outer Solid Crust and a Solid Mantle extends to a depth of 2900 kilometres. An Outer Core of Liquid Iron then extends to a depth of 5150 kilometres, and finally an Inner Core of Solid Iron Crystal has a radius of 1220 kilometres.
When Seismic Waves travel through the various Layers of Earth, they spread out from the Focus in all directions. Whenever an Earthquake occurs as a result of this, we experience Fear and Trauma due to Past Experiences in This Life and Past Lives.

Human Energy Field Correction:

The Layers of the Human Energy Field are also known as the Aura. Through the Aura Layers are Imprints of Traumatic Events from previous Past Lives.
Energetically we still carry these Imprints in the form of Cell Memory with us until we find a way of healing these Traumas.
These Traumas can also include False Images which were formed during Childhood, Situations and Disturbances during the Transient Period, all of which can dominate and Sabotage Adult Behaviour.

Holographic Earth Meridian Correction:

Our Physical Meridian System which includes all Major Meridians, Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel, line up with the Earth's Meridians. Our Holographic Pattern lines up with all of the above Meridians.

Earth Star Chakra Correction:

Earth Star Chakra is responsible for us being Energetically Grounded. It also is responsible for advising Spirit if we need to be Ungrounded for Protection.
By being Grounded we can respond appropriately to All Experiences in This Life.

Link Chakra Correction:

Link Chakra is directly responsible for how Emotions are Expressed or Repressed during Childhood. In this stage of Development many Fears can be created that lead to Repressed Emotional Expression during Adult Life.

Base Chakra Correction:

Base Chakra is the Centre of Physical Energy and Vitality. It is also the Energy Point in the Human Body through which Life-force flows.
Base Chakra is also the Connection to Spirit that gives information to the Universe about how we are coping in This Life.

Soul Star Chakra Correction:

The Soul Star Chakra brings in Energy from the Spiritual Core. At this Chakra we activate Spiritual Consciousness and Universal Energy.

Stellar Gateway Chakra Correction:

The Stellar Gateway Chakra is a Portal through which very high frequency light can enter Our Etheric Field. This Chakra connects to Soul Star Chakra.

Universal Gateway Chakra Correction:

The Universal Gateway Chakra brings New Light Vibration into Our Aura. This Chakra connects to the Stellar Gateway Chakra.

Spleen Chakra Correction:

Vitality is closely linked to the Spleen Chakra, which distributes Life Force to All of the Major Chakras. The Spleen Chakra is also known as the Pranic Triangle.

Secondary Chakra Correction:

The Secondary Chakras relate to All of the Primary Chakras. All Secondary Chakras relate to the First Aura Layer.

32 Spine Chakra Chakra Correction:

The 32 Spine Chakras are a representation of Our Spiritual Development.

Solar Plexes Chakra Correction:

The Solar Plexes Chakra is located midway between the Navel and the Sternum. It supports the Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Heart, Lungs and Kidneys.
The Solar Plexes Chakra is one of the Main Chakras of the Individual.
It is associated with the functioning of the Aura, also known as the Phsycic Energy Field. It also connects us with Etheric and Astral Plane Sensitivity.

Heart Chakra/Assemblage Point Correction:

Misalignment and Dislocation of the Assemblage Point adversely affects Our Energy Flow and the way we think, feel and behave.
Centralising the locationof the Assemblage Point has a beneficial influence on our Biological Energy Levels and Physical Health. The Central location of the Assemblage Point is beneficial for Mental Health and it directly influences our interactions with others and the World at large.

Throat Chakra Correction:

The Throat Chakra is responsible for Communication. If the Throat Chakra is Blocked, we would see someone who is afraid to voice their opinions, or someone who is overly vocal about their beliefs.
The Throat Chakra is also responsible for our voice, lungs, mouth, teeth, thyroid and glands.

Third Eye Chakra Correction:

The Third Eye Chakra is positioned in the middle of the forehead. This Chakra is responsible for our Conscious and Subconscious Thoughts. It is also responsible for our Nervous System.
Most importantly, the Third Eye Chakra connects us with the Spiritual and Higher Levels beyond Our Earth Plane.
The Third Eye Chakra also controls our mind, our ears, our dream states, as well as our memory and learning capacity.
Headaches, stress, lack of sleep and memory loss can occur when this Chakra is not functioning properly.

Crown Chakra Correction:

The Crown Chakra is positioned at the top of the head and is Our Connection to the Higher Planes of the Spiritual World and Our Universe.
The Crown Chakra is responsible for our dreams, visions, beliefs and morals.
If the Crown Chakra becomes Blocked, Our Connection to the Higher Spiritual Realms can become Distorted Energetically.

Aura Layers Correction:

Parts of the Aura can be susceptable to holding an accumulation of Auric Energy Impurities. This can also affect the flow of energy to all Chakras.

Chakra Distortion Correction:

Chakras can be blocked, distorted, clogged up or torn. Magnetic connections in Aura, Chakras, Energy Systems and Meridian Systems can be broken or damaged.

Earth's Grid Pattern Correction:

Earth's Grid Pattern is a geometric pattern that circles Our Earth. This pattern consists of Energy Lines that coincide with all Sacred Sites.

Holographic Grid Pattern Correction:

Our Etheric Body is a Holographic Energy Template that corresponds to Earth's Grid Pattern.

New Fifth DimensionCorrection:

We are entering a New Energetic Age known as the Fifth Dimension. With this change we will need to connect with ease in order to avoid coinciding with other Existing Dimensions.
A Connection with us to this New Dimension will eventually give us access to the Seventh Dimension. Using these New Energies for Healing Purposes, we will increase Our Vibrational Levels and are likely to attract Electromagnetic Distortions that may link us to Past Life Trauma.

Energy Healing:

Planet Earth is moving through energetic changes and it's vibrational energy frequencies have begun to rapidly intensify.
This is creating enormous changes within Matter and Light, which is dramatically changing the fundamental structures of our Planet, human bodies, psyches, consciousness and DNA.
With each human being the effects vary and many people are currently experiencing new types of illnesses, diseases, viruses, confusion, depression, migraines, dizziness, stresses, anxiety issues, digestive problems, emotional issues, and many other un-explainable energetic re-actions.

Sound Therapy:

The body's cells vibrate and the "music" of the body encodes your state of well-being. Different types of cells hum at specific vibrations, and if they lose that natural rhythm and become chaotic their function is impaired, which may compromise your health. This healing is a time to simply let go, deeply relax and receive the healing vibrations and journey within. Sound has the power to repattern and balance the vibration of your body, mind, and soul. Specific sounds can energetically break up, shift, and heal energy blockages and balance the energy body on all levels. We combine therapeutic healing sounds with bio-information to activate coherence in specific body functions, which stimulates your body's natural self-healing capabilities.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):

We all have limiting beliefs, decisions, strategies, and/or negative emotions which hold us back. NLP gives you practical, easy to use knowledge and strategies that enables you to get in control of your mind and increase the effectiveness of your communication, with others and yourself, in all areas of your life, including, work, sport and personal relationships.

Vibrational Healing:

Planet Earth is moving through energetic changes and it's vibrational energy frequencies have begun to rapidly intensify.
This is creating enormous changes within Matter and Light, which is dramatically changing the fundamental structures of our Planet, human bodies, psyches, consciousness and DNA.
With each human being the effects vary and many people are currently experiencing new types of illnesses, diseases, viruses, confusion, depression, migraines, dizziness, stresses, anxiety issues, digestive problems, emotional issues, and many other un-explainable energetic re-actions.


Primarily this is used to identify imbalances in the body's structural, chemical, emotional, spiritual or other energy and to establish the body's priority healing needs. It can solve problems with the physical body, pain, injury, structural misalignment, acute and chronic illnesses; lack of energy, physically low energy, and fatigue; anxiety and emotional issues.

Animal Therapy:

Animal healing is a natural pet care treatment which can alleviate pain and ease health symptoms for your dog, cat, horse or other companion animal.
Animal healing treatments can correct anxiety and depression, chronic health problems and to speed recovery from surgery.
The treatment is also ideal for maintaining general wellbeing and restoring balance to your pet.
Pet healing treatments are powerful, yet gentle and are just as effective when administered at a distance


Geomancy is the ability to correct electro-magnetic disturbances.
Our electro-magnetic body system is a very important component to our existence. We are bombarded by TV and radio waves, the radiation from power lines and several household appliances.
Geomancy is also a valuable tool for corrective disturbances to our electro-magnetic field from changes in Earth energies.

Some Testimonials:

"Attending this centre has changed my life. I have become a new and strong person at peace with myself. From the moment I stepped through the door and was greeted by Jane's wonderful smile...I see the wonderful and gifted Charlie who I can describe as making me sparkle. He has helped me become the best I can be and given me my life back. I tell everyone I meet about him. His warm and confident "it's my job to take care of you from now on" changes your life. So go for a visit and see everything they have to offer and be the best person you can be." Claire F

"I first came to Charlie after seeing the transformation in my Mum. She kept lovingly insisting that I go and see Charlie that he was wonderful and she in turn was feeling wonderful. But when I asked her to explain what he did...she couldn’t! So, unconvinced, I found myself waiting, making excuses that I was too busy etc until the point where the difference in her was so obvious I said “Alright, alright I’ll go”
Well…WOW! I now understand her difficulty in explaining what Charlie does as it’s such a unique combination of healing techniques as to be almost unexplainable. Without even needing to lay “hands on” you Charlie taps into what’s wrong and goes about correcting it. Even after just one session I felt as though I was “aligned” when I didn’t even realize I wasn’t. And since then I just keep feeling better and better and as a result, life is getting better and better to the point where now people are noticing the difference in me…. Thank you Charlie! xoxo
So for those of you considering going to see Charlie don’t wait months to feel better (as I did)…feel better now. (Listen to my Mum!) I promise it will be the best present you could give yourself (or someone you love)" Tamara C.

" Thank you Charlie for sharing your remarkable talents. You have greatly assisted me to grow spiritually, and to understand and appreciate more of my Spirit’s journeys and purpose. You have helped to clear blocks and establish energy flow, to trust and have faith in myself, to overcome fears, and to realise everything is at it is meant to be. You found me when I was lost, today I feel strong. You have become a spiritual mentor, colleague and friend. Love & Light " Lisa S

"I started seeing Charlie earlier this year (2011) on the recommendation of a friend who said “I can’t describe exactly what Charlie does but the results are amazing.” – and I would agree completely with that!
Working with Charlie has helped me to become more spiritually connected, and being more connected I am more intuitive, I make better decisions and I’m more relaxed and peaceful. The benefits have also extended to the rest of my family as I am a calmer, more present mum to my children. Charlie is lovely to work with and I would highly recommend his services." Lisa C

I wanted to thank you so much for the incredible healing you have given my Kaikai. Since his session with you its as if I have my boy back again – such profound and deep change has occurred. The violence, anger and aggression has dissolved and replaced by the warm, loving and funny ways I had grown accustomed to seeing express.
I can recommend you without hesitation to anyone wishing to accelerate their soul's evolution. You are a rare, talented, beautiful man Charlie with a myriad of gifts to share with the world.

"The day that i went to see charlie, is the day that my life changed for ever. As i was very broken, i wasnt sure if i was able to be fixed? I was just in the middle of my spiritual journey when i was saved by Charlie. What i thought would take many years of hard work and tears and letting go of old pain and hurt, Charlie not only took away the pain but he reconnected me so high spiritually, that i didnt think it was possible. Charlie believed in me and offered understanding, so i could be the best me and love myself. I see him as a true friend and magical healer. I feel he is the best healer of his kind in the world, and know deep in my heart and soul that is the truth. I am now a Medium, and a healer myself and am soon to have my own healing centre. I now know my place in this world, its all thanks to him I have full comfort and joy in knowing this. Charlie's unconditional love as a healer and a person shines so bright. I am so very Greatful for everything Charlie has done for me. Iv never met anyone more commited to helping people for their highest good. Thank you Charlie for everything you are and the healing work you can do. you really are amazing. " Katherine B xx

"I've been attending the centre for over a year now, and the wellness I'm experiencing each day in my life I think is directly linked to the vibrational healing treatments I've had there with Charlie. I highly recommend this treatment and the centre, I drive all the way from Elsternwick to see them." Charity

“After significant trauma in my life, my recovery has been slow. However, since seeing Charlie for his incredible healing, I have been progressing towards happiness and enlightenment in leaps and bounds. The extent of the care Charlie has for his clients, even the out of session hours, is unheard of in any of the many practitioners I’ve seen prior to him. I absolutely urge anyone, even the most sceptical, to at least give Charlie a try and see what he can do for you. It will likely be the best thing you ever do for your health. I’m lucky to live close in Greensborough, but I’d travel from interstate to see him.” --Andrew C

"An inviting place that holds a lovely energy the minute you walk in the door and greeted by the owner... The kinesiologist is simply amazing. His years of experience and honest interaction with the client is second to none. I highly recommend you visit and benefit from the carefully selected practitioners. You won't be disappointed." Bernard

"Earlier this year I called into the Eltham Natural Healing Centre for some information, as someone had mentioned Charlie to me and the work he does. Well what was to follow for me was an amazing journey of turning my life and my Health completely around (after virtually being told by the medical profession that they could not help me any further). So upon meeting this dedicated warm and caring person, I decided to have a consultation with him, and I haven’t looked back. His natural talent’s, gift’s and abilities far exceed anything I have ever come across and believe me I have done a lot of exploring to find such a person. With gratitude and Love" Suzanne C

Commencing work with Charlie has been a crucial step for me on my journey towards spiritual development and awareness.
I have long been in search of someone or something that could take me to another level and my work with Charlie is doing this. Charlie came into my life at a point where my struggle to break free of old patterns was becoming more and more important to me. My work with him has helped me in ways I could never have imagined. It has 'fast-tracked' my awareness in a way that nothing else could have. I am still learning to listen to myself (and to Charlie!) but I am now at a place in my life where I know that answers are within me and Charlie's work is what helps me to draw them out and gives me the courage to persevere.
Pat M

Charlie Bode-
Mobile: 0413 587 571

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