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Hi, my name is Gregg McDonald. I hadn’t heard of Bowen Therapy until around 15 years ago.

About Bowen ~ Get Better

Serena, my wife, tried and searched through many alternative treatments to help her with her chronic pain without the use of pain killers and associated drugs. She was in constant pain, suffering from jaw aches (TMJ), backaches, headaches, scoliosis and neck-aches which all contributed to her feeling too weak to exercise without putting her body ‘out’ and causing pain and discomfort for weeks and sometimes even months at a time.

Her headaches were constant and her jaw problems got worse due to an accident with our 3 year old son.

When Serena tried Bowen treatments the results were astounding! Within the first two weeks Serena saw a significant reduction in all areas which were troubling her. Because the conditions had been present for a number of years she required multiple sessions to keep her healthy and stable and allow her to lead a normal active lifestyle.

Today, Serena still requires Bowen treatments to stabilise her and leave her feeling pain free. I was and continually am blown away by the power of Bowen therapy.

This is why I am a Bowen Therapist!

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Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non invasive hands on Therapy to help you restore your muscles back to being pain free.

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