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BreakFree Therapies

Melinda Watts

Servicing area: Altona Meadows, Victoria

BreakFree Therapies
Break Free from stress with this unique, clinic and home visiting service. Melinda combines reflexology and massage with relaxing metaphysical or energy work. The home visits are perfect for couples or families or anybody who would like a service brought to their door!

News /Special Offers:

Melinda is offering a 60 minute consultation in the new Facial Reflexology to the first 10 clients who make a booking in May. for only $30! Try this amazing therapy. Its not only extremely relaxing but it really works!


Break away from feeling unwell and learn to reconnect again with a combination of therapies at BreakFree. Melinda has more than 15 years experience in working therapeutically with people and is interested in you, as a person, and how she can best meet your needs.

Melinda specialises in emotional wellbeing with a particular interest in anxiety and depression. Our hormones shape all of our emotions, experiences and relationships. If these are out of balance, we are unfit to cope with lifes challenges, and our imbalance will eventually lead to poor physical and emotional health.

The therapies are all clinically proven to be effective or widely understood to create a very positive impact on your wellbeing, yet are also very relaxing and feel fantastic. Melinda builds a great working relationship with you so that you feel supported and your experiences are acknowledged, because it is your relationship with your therapist and her intentions towards you which will see you achieve better results in the end.

About the treatments ..

Treatments can take place either at a quiet clinic room in Seabrook or as part of a home visiting service, depending on your circumstances and preferences. Melinda uses a heated massage table and prefers you to be as comfortable as possible. You are encouraged to combine your treatments and to tailor a treatment plan with Melinda that best suits your current health needs.

Foot and Facial Reflexology

A simple and safe therapy that is clinically proven to work; Reflexology applies gentle pressure on specific areas of your feet, hands or ears, to activate your bodys own healing response and also prevent illness from occurring. Reflexology is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine but is unique in that the whole body receives attention and every system in the body is stimulated and balanced. Reflexology is excellent for treating anxiety and depression and has more than 90% effectiveness with insomnia. It is also particularly effective with water retention, constipation/diahorrea/menopause/sinus problems/the nervous and immune systems, conception and labour, and will reduce your stress levels considerably. Your treatments will allow the body to detoxify which will also help you combat free radicals and prevent physical illness from occurring.

Melinda begins your treatment with a short consultation, followed by a hot aromatherapy footbath. You then recline on a heated massage table while Melinda provides an intensive treatment on your feet.

Relaxation/Swedish/Deep Tissue or Remedial Massage

Melinda has a special ability to bring about deep relaxation; however, she also ensures that she relieves sore and tight muscles and improves your flexibility. Melinda has experience in working with most musculo- skeletal conditions and also with people who have disabilities or special needs. Melinda treats you on a heated massage table and will keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. The gentle art of touch that massage provides is also paramount in assisting you calm down, feel supported and has proven benefits in relieving anxiety and stress

Theta healing

The manual therapies target your direct health but theta is extremely effective in helping you change your environment for the better. Melinda will work energetically to alter negative beliefs about yourself or your world and will work towards balancing the energy systems around your body. You will feel clearer and lighter, more intuitive, more connected to yourself. And the decisions you make towards your health and your life will be much more positive.

A Theta session may feel a little like the beginning of a counselling session. Then, Melinda will use the theta brainwave, a natural intuitive state that we all pass into when falling asleep, to receive information and guidance on how best to help you. The sessions depend largely on what you are ready to deal with, and can be nicely combined with Reflexology or Reiki.

You can also choose to conduct your consultation through Skype or over the phone.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle, hands on therapy that resolves problems of water-retention or oedema throughout the body. Because it refreshes the lymphatic system, your skin will detoxify and the treatment will also boost your immune system. Great for warding off those winter colds!


Meaning universal life energy and originating thousands of years ago in Japan, this gentle and ancient therapy pours healing energy into your energy field through the hands of the therapist and will enhance any of your other treatments as well as refreshing your mind and providing insight into your life. It is so relaxing that 1 hour of reiki = 3 hours of sleep.


"My results with Melinda have been amazing and instantaneous! My husband and I both book monthly home visiting appointments and choose massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and theta. The therapies all combine wonderfully and we get so much out of them. Melinda has us relaxed, sleeping like a log, our muscle tension disappears, the fluid in my feet and legs shift out, my problem bowels loosen and my whole body and soul feels completely rejuvenated. I have recommended Melinda to the rest of my family who all work long hours and we have all been booking regularly for two years now. It is such a pleasure to have Melinda working with us in our homes and in our comfort zone".
(Belinda from Caroline Springs)

"I am a 60+ year old tennis coach and attend Melinda's clinic in Seabrook regularly for massage. She uses a gentle but stimulating pressure which soothes tight muscles and helps me maintain flexibility".
(Margaret from Newport).

BreakFree also welcomes the opportunity to visit places of work, aged care and group homes, welfare agencies and community health settings. BreakFree is very versatile .. Feel welcome to call or email anytime.

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More information ..

Yes, Melinda does use other therapies to help you amongst which include Counselling, Flower Essences and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Melinda has past experience as a social worker/counsellor with particular expertise in grief and loss, family violence and drug and alcohol addiction.

Melinda has a current working with childrens check and is happy to work with young children.

Yes, the treatments are very affordable. Melinda offers discounts for pensioners and people experiencing hardship.
Yes, the clinic has easy access for disabilities and the table can be lowered up and down.
Yes, Melinda is always happy to travel to places of work, bridal and other parties, community centres and aged peoples homes.

BreakFree Therapies has a policy for missed or last minute cancellations and will ask you to pay 50% of your appointment fee. Please cancel or reschedule minimum 24 hours before your appointment.

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