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Breathe For Life

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Christine Heart Savage
Servicing Areas Beaumaris, Victoria
Phone 03 9589 2369
Mobile 0411 301 010
Fax 03 9589 2369

At Breathe for life we teach people the skills to reach clarity of mind, emotional calm and physical ease. We deal with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and help people turn their lives around.

All programs and teachings promote the balance of inner wisdom, power and love, leading to peace, self knowledge, greater potential and principles of higher living.

Breathe For Life

My names Christine Heart Savage...

I suffered with stress and panic attacks for many years, which ultimately lead to a breakdown. In my darkest hour a whole new world opened up to me; a world I didn't know existed; an exquisite presence rose up within me -- and a glorious, blazing light emanated from the core of my Being. Every cell of my body was vibrating so intensely, it was like I was plugged into a universal energy grid. I experienced a great Truth. Twenty years and many experiences on I still don't have words to describe this magnificence, except to say that it is a love so deep, an intelligence and power so strong that all else pales into insignificance. This magnificence is who we really are, it is the most real thing I've ever experienced. It completely changed my life. Since then I've been teaching others how to access this inner presence and how to use simple and powerful skills to deal with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and daily life. I have 20 years of experience and specialise in group work.

  • Certified Australian Breathwork Trainer - ABA
  • Certified Breathwork Practitioner
  • Diploma of Health Counselling - Medical Register of Australia
  • Licensed HeartMath Provider - HeartMath®
  • Bachelor of Metaphysics - University of Metaphysics
  • Certified Master Practitioner - American Board of NLP
  • Certified Hypnotherapist - American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Metaphysical Science Practitioner - University of Metaphysics
  • Ordained Metaphysical Minister - International Metaphysical Ministry
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Seichim & Reiki Master
  • Hypnosis and Advanced Past Life Certificate - Studied with Dolores Cannon

Services & Consultations
  • Breathwork
  • Life Coaching
  • Breath Awareness Coaching for Stress & Anxiety.
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Coaching
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Courses & Trainings

The "I AM" Series - "I AM" Connected

1 Day Program (Module 1)

There is something else to life! ...and that something is really “SOMETHING”!! You have an extraordinary part of yourself just waiting for you to connect with it and invite it in.
I initially experienced the "I AM" portal (or as I used to call it “the dome”) when I was in participating in a relaxation and meditation class when I was 25 years old. I was shocked or maybe surprised is a better word, when I first experienced the portal because it came out of the blue and it was so different to anything I’d experienced before. I became frightened, and every time I felt fear, the portal disappeared. Each time I relaxed and surrendered the same experience of the portal returned. I didn’t understand what was happening to me , I felt fear grip me as I moved through through the portal, not because it was uncomfortable, quite the opposite, it was the most beautiful, exquisite and fascinating thing I’d ever seen and experienced, but what would happen when I got to the end of the portal. Would I die? READ MORE

This glorious and luminous power is the nectar that fills the emptiness that has been the malaise of humanity for so long. It is not just available for a chosen few, it is accessible to all. There is a whole other world in this invisible but fully alive realm. It is Truth! All else pales into insignificance.
The teachings are enlightening, simple, practical and life changing. You are an amazing SUN Presence! Come along and connect with your own "SUN Presence" and join the every growing many others who are now understanding and practising these teachings.
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Upcoming dates: Sat 17 January 2015

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Venue: Hampton

Investment: $330 (Manual, Tea & Coffee Provided)
LIMITED BONUS OFFER - receive a $60 Value Voucher for your next Saturday Breathwork Group when you book for the "I AM CONNECTED" workshop


Breath Emotion Awareness Mind Stress and Anxiety Relief Program

The BEAM program is a three day program that teaches real skills for clearing and self managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The B.E.A.M (breath, emotion, awareness, mind) program is a potentially life changing. This program is based on how I healed myself and rebuilt my life. It has helped thousands of people regain their balance and life over the last twenty years. Living from a place of balance and harmony, and reaching your greatest life potential comes from self knowledge and self understanding.
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Upcoming dates: August 16-19, 2015

9.00am - 5.00pm (Saturday - Tuesday)

Venue: Beaumaris

Investment: On Application (Manual Provided)


Breathwork Saturday Groups
(running monthly since 1996)

The breath has the magical power to liberate you and bring you into peace, harmony and balance.
Breath is the bridge between the conscious, unconscious and higher mind. Proper breathing has a direct effect on the unification of the body, mind and spirit, bringing a feeling of incredible stillness, peace and freedom. This process has an integrative influence on people, producing a cohesive, aligned and coherent human being. Deep breathing has an automatic and significant, alchemical effect which propels a deep cellular purification process into action during a breathwork session.

This type of breathing moves deep levels of accumulated pollution sitting in the tissues of the body and the recesses of the mind. This process is not only profoundly transformative, it has real health benefits.

Breathing is the bridge between stress and relaxation, pollution and purity, pain and peace, struggle and freedom. It brings spirit into matter, affecting every cell in the body in a positive, life giving way.

Upcoming dates:

  • Semester 1: Jan 31. Feb 28, Apr 11, May 9, Jun 13
  • Semester 2: Jul 11, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 17, Nov 28

    Time: Approx. 9.30am - 4.30pm

    Venue: All Souls - 48 Bay Rd, Sandringham

    Investment: $190 per person (Tea & Coffee Provided)

    Bring: Doona, Pillow, Towel or Mat, Lunch to share

    ***Special Bulk Buy***
    Buy a '5 Block' up front (Pay ONLY $760) = $152 per person

    Call Christine on 0411 301 010 or 'Make an Enquiry' below, to find out more about how her breathwork therapies can benefit you, or to book your first one-on-one session today!

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    Evening Event - Beyond Stress & Anxiety - Friday 14 March 2014

    Breathe For Life