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Bronwen Kendall

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[ Elemental ] - To consder all elements at play that I can help you with - - To use basic principles of how the body responds to intelligent touch -


Servicing area

Brisbane Metro, Rosalie, Paddington & The Gap QLD

Focus areas

Habits Tight muscles Muscle injury Movement patterns Nurturing Pain relief

Holistic and Integragive hands on treatments for the whole of you


Elemental Principles

I take a holistic and integrative approach  to help you with the problem you are having in relationship to your whole body. 

Your body is intelligent and has great capacity to adapt. However, there are times when we run out of adapt-ability.

Treatment is tailored to your needs and is based on assessment of where your body is having the most difficulty adapting.


Elemental Treatments

Treatments are named according to the systems of the body that they help.

  • Visceral Manipulation helps with freedom of movement of your internal organs (“viscera”).

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy helps improve the efficiency of lymph fluid return from all corners of your body back to your heart.  

  • Craniosacral Therapy, Brain Work and Neural Manipulation each in different ways help with your nervous system and how it is involved in your movement.

In general, if an area of the body is fluid and flexible it is better able to function well and feel better.


Who I can Work With

I work with people who would like to:

  • improve their posture, strength or flexibility

  • explore whether their recovery from injury or surgery could be better than it has been, or

  • improve aches & pains that just keep bothering them


What I can Help You With

Consider making an appointment if you need help with:

  • Pain:  Acute or chronic, injury or overuse, knots and stiffness in all areas of the musculoskeletal system eg back pain, neck pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain

  • Posture and Alignment:   eg kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, over-pronation, patellar maltracking

  • Headaches and TMJ (jaw) problems

  • Nerve Pain: eg sciatica, neuralgia, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, piriformis & T4 syndrome, tennis/golfers’ elbow

  • Scars and Adhesions:  from past infection, inflammation, injury and surgery


Freedom to Move. to Breathe. to Live. to Be


2 Services

Initial Physiotherapy Appointment

$180 Per session

Subsequent Physiotherapy Appointment

$150 Per session


  • Bachelor In Physiotherapy

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