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Butterfly Beginnings

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Deep Tissue - Pregnancy Massage - Birth massage - Relaxation Massage - Hot Stone Massage - Postnatal Massage - Infant Massage - Mobile Postnatal Family Massage Allow us to to help nurture your health and wellbeing. Call now to enquire about our Monthly Specials

Butterfly Beginning's - Family Massage Services

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Hormones Nurturing Childbirth Aches & pains

Receive one FREE pregnancy massage when hiring a Butterfly Beginnings Doula!

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Pregnancy, Birth, Infant and Family

Perfect for relieving aches and pains, getting in touch with your own body, getting in touch with your baby within, relieving dad whilst in labour, relaxing, resting, bonding, and recovering for the journey ahead!

We take a holistic approach in our practice!
Mobile postnatal family massage service offered!

Family Postnatal massage is a great way to recover from the energy exerted whilst birthing your baby. Often dads miss out on the nurturing after the experience, here is the opportunity for all family members to experience some TLC!

Infant Massage Infant Massage Instruction... Learn how to effectively relieve Colic, Constipation and Reflux for you baby and your sanity!

The Benefits of Massage:
  • Can increase flow of the lymphatic system
  • Can helps with relaxation
  • Can help maintain weight goals
  • Can help with spacial awareness
  • Can help recovery from illness or injury
  • Can help to Integrate the connection between mind body and spirit
  • Can balance the energy of you body


Relaxation Massage - $70 per hr

Deep Tissue Massage - $80 per hr

Pregnancy Massage - $80 per hr - 1.5hrs
($55 if using other BB services)

Birth Massage - 3 to 15 hours (ask for a quote)
Often combined with doula services but can be used as a stand alone service.

Postnatal Massage - $65
($55 if using other BB services)

Infant Massage Instruction - $180 group workshop
(4 x 1hr sessions OR 2 x 2 hr private sessions)

Postnatal family massage - $220 (3hr session)
1 x hr - Mum
1 x hr - Dad
PLUS you get infant massage info and guidance

Vigorous Massage - $70 per hour

Chinese Hot Stone Therapy - $120 per (1.5 hours)

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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