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Byron Cloud 9

Tiana Ross


Byron Cloud 9

Massage/Bodywork, Beauty Therapy, Scenar Therapy, Essences in Ocean Shores

Byron Cloud 9

Relax, Release, Rejuvenate

Under the skilled hands of a professional Massage Therapist based in Ocean Shores, 5 mins from Brunswick Heads and 25 mins from Byron Bay. Tiana has over 25 years experience in many modalities, including; Massage, Scenner Therapy, Facials, Facial Harmony, Counselling, Essences, Kinesiology, Ionic Detoxing and Vocal Training. Mobile massage service available.

Experience Total Body Bliss

With a thorough, respectful and deeply nurturing massage or healing session of your choice in convienient Ocean Shores, NSW.

About Tiana Ross

I am a skilled professional with over 25 years experience as a body worker and natural therapist. I have always held a deeply holistic view of the body which underlies my approach to, not only the physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of my clients.

I spent my childhood growing up on a beach and exploring the beautiful coastline and islands of Auckland Harbour. My father imbued in me a great love for nature and animals and I would rescue injured and orphaned baby animals, nurse them back to health and release them back into the wild. When, as a child, I would see old people, my heart would go out to them and I wished I had some way of easing their suffering.

When I was 18 years old I had many awakenings. I had a spiritual epiphany after reading Lyall Watson's ‘Super Nature’ which scientifically explored the life force within nature. I did a year-long course in meditation, ‘ laying on of hands’ and reading auras. I studied iridology, herbalism and started Chi development (Tai Chi) which continues to this day. I met some influential healers with whom I trained in massage, touch for health (Kinesiology) and vibrational essences.

I worked in gymnasiums and private health clubs in New Zealand and Melbourne before travelling and then finding the wonderful Northern Rivers and Byron Shire where I have been based ever since.

My further studies include rebirthing, deep tissue massage, Chinese acupressure, Thai massage (in Thailand), Taoist chi massage (USA), Kinesiology (P.K.P), Facial Harmony, beauty therapy, Scenar therapy, counselling and vibrational remedies. I also taught infant massage to new mothers for a time.

My other great loves are for dance and music and I have performed on stage for many years. I taught the fun of Middle Eastern dance at an exclusive health retreat for women, taught devotional chanting at the ‘Yoga Arts’ School of Yoga and continue to teach vocal lessons. I’ve have studied a few instruments over the years and am currently enjoying the keyboard, AmerIndian flute and the ukulele.

I love healing touch and my real joy in this is to initiate ‘transformational’ bodywork where I gently encourage my clients to relax and let go with the breath at the beginning of the session. Whilst working on all the key areas, I assist you to open your body-mind to increased levels of joy and aliveness. The more you open to receive the more I have to give.

This is time well spent and we all deserve a little time hanging out on Cloud 9!

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