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Weight Loss Brisbane Exciting News For Anyone Who Needs to Lose Weight!

Weight Loss - Capalaba Natural Health

Here at Capalaba Natural Health, Brisbane, our Naturopaths have successfully helped thousands of people drop those unwanted kilos and get back to living the life they want to, without the extra kilos or fatigue.

We use state of the art technology to monitor your weight and body composition – this ensures that you are losing fat – not muscle. Maintaining muscle is one of the keys to keeping the weight off and improving your overall metabolism and ability to burn fat at rest.

All of our weight loss plans are individually structured to ensure maximum results for you. Following a full assessment, we take into consideration how much weight you have got to lose, what diets have worked and not worked for you in the past, your personality etc… We then advise you the type of diet that we feel will work best for you.

For example, some clients want to lose weight as quickly as possible, while others prefer a slower approach. Some of our clients want to combine exercise with their weight loss, while others prefer to do minimal exercise. Examples of fat burning diets that we use are The Shake It Weight Management Program and The HcG Diet.

We have fat loss diets that can be structured to meet your individual needs, ensuring maximum results for you. To improve your results further, our Naturopaths also do a full assessment, to identify any areas that may be contributing to your current weight condition.
To assist you losing weight, you will receive one-on-one support from one of our Naturopaths – which includes weekly progress appointments. Keeping people motivated is one of the keys to successful weight loss.
You will also receive an instructional eating plan and full recipe book.
We have a proven track record of helping people to lose weight and most importantly in keeping it off!

Some recent Brisbane successes include:
  • Kathryn lost 35.5kg in 41 weeks
  • Rebecca lost 13.8kg in 11 weeks
  • Lynette lost 23.7 in 25 weeks
  • Amy lost 19.1kg in 21 weeks
  • Justine lost 31.4kg in 25 weeks
  • Allison lost 8.7kg in 9 weeks

Our weight loss programs set you up for success – not failure, and we can give you the support you need to keep the process happening and to keep the fat off. So if you want to lose weight, our programs set you up for success – not failure, and we can give you the support you need to keep the process happening and to keep the fat off.

Other services Include: 

  • Naturopathy,
  • Weight Loss
  • Food Intolerance Testing,
  • Kinesiology,
  • Counselling
  • Psychology
  • Reiki Courses.

So if you want to lose weight & feel great, why not call us now on 07 3823 3103

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