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Catherine Allegade Massage Therapies

Catherine Allegade

Level 1
2/146 Wycombe Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Servicing area: Neutral Bay NSW

Catherine Allegade Massage Therapies

Take the opportunity to relax and indulge in one of our massages and feel the warmth of Catherine’s touch and her rhythmic movements.

Shiatsu, Reflexology, Holistic Pulsing & Lymphatic Drainage

Types of Massage Treatments Offered


A soothing technique that encourages an energy flow in the body. The fingers, thumbs, elbow & feet are used to push intensely but gently to move down the energy pathways. 


A soft, intrusive and efficient way of foot massage. Reflexology works at maintaining natural balance and avoiding illness. The trigger points that lead to certain organs and body parts will be stimulated during the session. 

Holistic Pulsing

A deeply relaxing and rewarding therapy. It is very effective for persistent fear, depression, cognitive wellness, and acute issues. The therapist applies a steady rocking motion to various parts of the body during the treatment to create a safe, stable environment that allows mildness and relaxation to creep in and starts to repair certain areas that are hindered by pain. 

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph system is an essential part of the cure, purification and renewal process of our body. Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymph system does not rely on a pump. This relies on effective work on muscle activity. Lymph drainage focuses on the fluid in the body and only involves gentle pressure and gradual moving motions to promote lymphatic leakage and alleviate fluid obstruction (edema, sinus congestion, etc.). 

Pregnancy Massage (Prenatal and Postnatal)

Can help alleviate everyday pregnancy pressure such as leg cramps, sciatica, edema, joint pain, and general anxiety. Its use is extremely necessary. It is not recommended during the first trimester. 

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

Probably the best-known approach to modern relaxation relief. It uses soft, smooth movements to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle stiffness and relieve stress. 

Remedial and Sports Massage

This aims to restore normal muscle function and to enhance joint mobility capacity. It discusses specific complaints and utilizes a variety of techniques to alleviate tension and pain in muscles and fascia. This massage discusses warning signs, such as pain, sadness, and rigidity, which can be triggered by accident, poor posture or if the body loses its ability to distribute tension everyday. Various proven methods, including trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, cross-friction, and deep tissue massage, are similar to this procedure.

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