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Servicing area: Neutral Bay NSW

Shiatsu Emotional Balance Remedial massage ...
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We concentrate on your body and offer you the highest quality massage therapy services you will ever find in NSW.

Massage Therapies for Pain Management & Prevention


It is easy to consider ourselves and our own health, when concentrating on other priority issues, amid contradictory constraints on our time and energy. 

Effective Pain Management

Many individuals go for a massage to receive assistance and relaxation as naturally as possible for specific problems with discomfort. In some instances, a remedial massage may recognise and determine the specific source of a general physical condition and then concentrate on potential therapies.


Regular massage can first avoid the creation of restricting conditions. Circulatory, reproductive and immune processes can greatly benefit and general health can be encouraged.

The peaceful and soothing quality of your massage will allow you to meet the challenges that your life presents more effectively. We will easily lose contact with our bodies and become used to niggling pain and discomfort from stress and pressure from our daily routine.

Most clients seek a massage consultation as part of overall health care, while others are on treatment plans or when conditions such as knotted joints, fatigue or back pain are felt.

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Catherine Allegade Massage Therapies