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Cherel Sue Waters

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149 Blackwall Rd

Servicing area: Woy Woy, Umina, Point Clare, Gosford, Erina, Bensville

Cherel Sue Waters

A qualified QIGONG instructor - offering QIGONG classes, workshops and Qigong Retreats.

Cherel Sue Waters

QIGONG CLASSES for 2020 - Have been suspended due to Covid Restrictions

Classes resuming February 2021

QIGONG Training & Instruction

"Qi" pronounced Chi means air, breath of life or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.
"GONG" pronounced Gung, means the skill of working with Qi and moving Qi through body.
Qigong- similar toTai Chi - as both follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are Chinese Healing Exercises


Classes - Telephone enquiries welcome

Qi Gong is easy to learn, available to both young and old, with the focus of keeping the body healthy. Many forms are over 1000 years old and are the treasures of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong is a Gentle Form of Remedial Exercise that promotes overall health, stamina and strong bones, cultivating True Qi.

CLASSES will be  resuming in 2021.My Classes promote the Medical Style of Qigong . I love teaching and guiding students through Shibashi 1 & 11 & 111 - Guigen Qigong; Great Stork plus many Qi exercises that promote good health. Joining a class is a positive experience and the benefits are felt each week at class and cumulative in the body.

Qigong classes usually start with warm-ups and body conditioning exercises. Each class is followed by learning and practising Qigong for health benefits and to remove any energy blockages throughout the body. Classes finish with a 15 minute meditation.

No special equipment or clothing required, only a willingness to practice and share the "Qi" experience. I Invite you to contact me by email for any more information .


BEGINNERS CLASSES are suitable for people of all ages. Qigong is a Chinese remedial style of exercise - with focus on learning how to relax, breathing to improve flow of Qi, and to learn gentle forms of Qigong.

INTERMEDIATE CLASSES - will focus on moderates exercises and soft forms of Qigong and focus of breathing. Students find these help to reduce stress, increasing health and vitality as well as removing Qi blockages.

Instructor / Laoishi 's story:
Cherel Says " I have 23 Years experience originally with Tai Chi Chuan and more recently 14 years teaching Qigong. In 2006 I trained as a Qigong instructor with Master Simon Blow in Sydney; then in China with Dr Xu Hongtao at Xiyan Hospital Beijing; and in Wuhan China with Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang, the 28th lineage holder of Dayan Wild Goose. In June 2013 I was accepted as a 29th Lineage student of Dayan Wild Goose School with Master Chen." In 2014 I began training with Master Wing Cheung, and I am continuing to learn from him, especially the advanced forms of Nei Gong 

"I teach Medical Style Qigong including Rainy Day Dayan Wild Goose, I love what I teach and I continue to study and train in Sydney and with Master Simon Blow. I am committed to teaching Medical Qigong for the benefit of my students, and I incorporate breathing practice and meditation at every class."  

SERVICES I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME FOR CLASSES AT WOY WOY IN 2021 - AS we resume these classes there will be necessary changes.  Hand Sanitising is essential on entering the HALL.   Temperature Checks will be done before each class.  ANYONE WHO IS SICK IS REQUIRED TO MISS THE CLASS.

I can be Contacted by email at any time;

Classes WILL be held at Anglican Church Hall - 149 Blackwall Road - Woy Woy  - parking behind church

SERVICES email: -

Every student is welcome to experience the power of Qi - resulting in better health, vitality and relaxation.

QI GONG Instructor and 29th Lineage Student of Master Chen Chuan Gang, Taoist Kunlun School of DaYan Qigong - ChinaQigong Workshop instructor


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Cherel Sue Waters