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Margaret River WA 6285

Servicing area: Australia-wide

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Keeping Aussie Families Healthy At Home
Since 1987


Health for EVERY body.

Reclaim control over the health of your family. Complexes, combining:

  • traditional remedies with
  • WA bush flower remedies
  • Bach flower remedies and
  • Gold, frankincense & myrrh

Suitable for all ages and for animal/veterinary use. Find out for yourself, why homeopathy was superior throughout history as one of the most successful treatment modalities for diseases which shook the foundations of the western world.

Since 1987, Chrysalis Original has been the #1 primary health care choice for thousands of Aussie families and known for its quality, entire families raised without unnecessary outside intervention :

  • purity
  • no animal testing (100% vegan)
  • UV resistant violet-glass bottles
  • recycled & environmental packaging
  • broad spectrum of use
  • stood the test of time
  • suitable to use alongside other medications

From the beginning, Chrysalis Original's aim was to take the confusion out of homoeopathy by equipping every Aussie home with a natural home health dispensary, simple enough for anyone to choose & use, while being of practitioner quality (in fact, many of our remedies have been used by health experts all over Australia).

During an earlier career working in ER and remote area hospitals, then in clinical practice, our founder discovered that people had lost basic knowledge and were scared to care for their own health. The control had been taken away and it was now a case of dependency. Millions of families around the world enjoy good health using the amazing healing properties of homoeopathic medicine. But it is a difficult and complex modality to understand. Chrysalis Original has taken the confusion and guesswork out, offering you practitioner-quality easy-to-choose-and-use remedies which help so many families thrive rather than survive.

Don't be caught out again. 

Build your home botikin by first purchasing the base remedies which cover all the basics which an everyday family would need:

  • Flu - Ague Tonic
  • Biotic (infections) - Lava Tonic
  • Digestive Upsets - Osmosis Tonic
  • Sensitivities & Reactions (rashes/mild allergies) - Pique Tonic
  • Ears, Eyes & Throat - Aureus Tonic
  • Dental & Oral - Balm Tonic
  • Parasites - Helix Tonic
  • Cellular Repair - Natura Tonic
  • Mild Aches & Pains - Nexus Tonic
  • Headache & Pain Relief - Vertex Tonic
  • Cough & Cold - Tussis Tonic
  • Stress - Cura Tonic
  • Shock, Panic & Fear - Pacific Tonic

And then choose from the Specifics, depending on your family's needs:

  • Emotional Issues/Anxiety - Alegria Tonic
  • Fluid Retention - Aqua Tonic
  • Pharmaceutical/Chemical Clearing - Remedia Tonic
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction - Aura Tonic
  • ADHD/Focus Issues - Axis Tonic
  • Eczema/Dermatitis/Psoriasis - Cutis Tonic
  • Fatigue/Myalgias/Auto Immune - Dynamos Tonic
  • Weightloss - Evanesce Tonic
  • Memory Loss - Evoke Tonic
  • Fertility (M & F) - Genesis Tonic
  • Menopause - Harmony Tonic
  • Heart Issues - Kardia Tonic
  • UTI, Kidney Stones, Prostate - Lapides Tonic
  • Menstrual Difficulties - Luna Tonic
  • Coldsores, Shingles & Chicken Pox - Miasma Tonic
  • Sleep Difficulties - Pax Tonic
  • Acne & Boils - Psora Tonic
  • Thrush & Fungal Infections - Sero Tonic
  • Asthma & Breathing Issues - Spiritus Tonic
  • General Detox - Stasis Tonic
  • Sweat & Body Odour - Sudo Tonic
  • Gout & Acidity - Urica Tonic
  • Haemorrhoids & Varicose Veins - Vena Tonic
  • Pancreas & Sugar Metabolism - Zachari Tonic

A combination of these remedies will cover almost any health issue that could arise in family life; offering relief at home, when you need it. Don't let your little health issues become big ones. 

For a short time, heavy discounts apply to both the ailment chart (treatment and first aid list) and the information booklet which will equip your household with everything you need for a healthy home. Standard discount postage rate for all orders within Australia.

For assistance with setting up your own dedicated botikin for your family's needs, please email.

First Aid & Concomitant Treatment

The information booklet and ailment chart offer detailed and concise information on hundreds of symptoms and adjuvant treatment options; outlining what each home can include in your own dedicated dispensary to be able to deal with any array of symptoms and health issues that may arise.

Click here to download The information booklet and ailment chart


Remote Area Nurse

Advanced Diploma Homeopathy

Diploma Herbal Medicine

Diploma Organic Farming & Gardening

Diploma Clinical Acupuncture

Certificate Cupping & Moxibustion

Certificate Natural Nutrition

Homeopathy II Degree Coursework Writer & Lecturer

Cert IV Workplace Training





pH Nutrition (Vegan)


Wildlife Carer




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