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Cindy Cerecer

Colonic Care with Cindy Cerecer

1/9 Coolac St Cheltenham VIC 3192

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Cindy is a Certified Nutritionist and offers one on one Nutrition Consultations and design you a Detox Program that incorporates Diet, Colon Hydrotherapy and Infrared Sauna.

Colonic Irrigation - Cheltenham - Nutrition & Cleanses

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Melbourne, Bentleigh, East Bentleigh, Moorabbin, Brighton, East Brighton, North Brighton, Middle Brighton, Hampton, Cheltenham, Highett, Morrabbin, St Kilda, Armadale, Malvern, Mentone, Parkdale, Huesdale, Chadstone, Southland, Dingley,Beaumauris, Blackro

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Holistic Nutrition

For many of us, life can be something that is full of obligations, busy schedules, priorities, and responsibilities. It’s no secret that we all no need to find a better balance in our lives with an active lifestyle and better diet, but in this busy day in age, these changes can be daunting and tough to incorporate into our lives.

Working with us at Colonic Care in Melbourne we make it a bit easier for you. We offer you expert advice and meal plans along with guidance across a range of labels, supplements, and diet trends.

Our owner and certified Holistic Nutritionist, Cindy Cerecer, understands that we a more than what we eat; we are also what we think and feel. Her method is all about connecting the emotional and physical aspects of your body. The focus is to create sustainable life changes that lead towards better well-being and health.

Infrared Sauna

Come in for a treat yourself with this detoxifying infrared therapy at Colonic Care. Infrared Sauna allows your body to cleanse naturally by releasing toxins whilst you are sweating.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

    • Detoxification
    • Pain Relief
    • Relaxation
    • Anti-Aging & Skin Purification
    • Cell Health
    • Improved Circulation
    • Weight Loss
    • Wound Healing
    • Lower Blood Pressure

Effective and Natural Solutions for:

    • Allergies
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Weight Problems
    • Fatigue and Lethargy
    • Digestive Complaints
    • Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    • Parasite Infestation
    • Inflammation
    • Skin Problems – Eczema and Acne

The Future is in Your Hands
Sustainable long-term health is a commitment to self-investment, self-development, change and growth. Cindy brings a supportive relationship and a positive connection. Combining a lifestyle rich in fresh raw foods and inspiring techniques, she offers guidance, knowledge and motivation for the ultimate holistic transformation.

Consultation $165

Do you have a long-term health goal or chronic condition and need support? Book a session today and let's work together to get you in great shape.

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