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Taking Care of Chronic Disease


Cindy Morris Naturopath

Cindy has a long time love for biology, science, and chemistry and as a naturopath finds the perfect niche to utilise these skills, offering a holistic, yet scientific pathway back to health.

As a naturopath for over 15 years, Cindy has had a wide range of experience, helping many people to improve their health over the years. Her special interest involves delving into the finer details of immune system function and helping clients unravel the triggers of their autoimmune and chronic fatigue disorders.

Cindy continues to update her skills and knowledge attending conferences and seminars and is currently undertaking further study at Griffith University.

"Naturopathy is not just about removing symptoms, it's about getting to the core of your health issue and returning you to what is and should be your normal state of health and wellbeing."


A personal note....

I spent most of my 20's dealing with chronic fatigue, so I know what it's like to be frustrated about not finding a solution to getting better. This was ultimately what lead me to study natural medicine. That was almost 30 years ago and today, in my 50's, I can say that my vitality and love for life is far greater than it was back then. 

However, what I observe most of time, both in clinic and statistically, is that fatigue and illness are at an all time high.  More common today, then it was in the 1980's. On the positive side, science and our understanding of anatomy, physiology and genetics have moved forward immensely, offering more specialised testing and the potential to quickly identify areas of immune, hormonal and metabolic disturbances.

If you are one of those people who feel stuck in the cycle of chronic ill health, then maybe it's time to make a change and take your first steps on the path to better health. A naturopathic appointment could be the beginning of that new path that will change your life and health forever. I know it was for me!



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