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Claridge Naturopathics

Robert Claridge

114 West Fyans St
Newtown VIC 3220

Servicing area: Newtown, Victoria

Claridge Naturopathics
You live in a complicated body, prone to unique problems and reactions.

Our job is to look at YOU and design a renovation strategy so that you will have the best body to inhabit.

We are grateful to have been helping people restore their health for over 30 years.

Claridge Naturopathics

Claridge Naturopathics (Est. 1986)

Claridge Naturopathics is a Wholistic Practice. Therefore, our specialty is treating all of you, not bits of you. Inevitably your pathology will be part of a bigger picture which we will endeavour to help you to understand and correct. Whether your issues are big or small, we promise to help you to address them with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Here are just some of the issues our team may be able to assist you with:

Women's Health - including PMS, menopause, endometriosis & period problems
PCOS & Fertility Problems - including IVF support, pregnancy & post-natal support
Post-Natal Issues - including post-natal depression & breastfeeding issues
Men's Health - including male infertility, prostate problems & erectile dysfunction
Infant & Child Health - including colic, teething, fussy eating & behavioural disorders
Stress-related Issues - including anxiety, depression & mood problems
Fatigue & Low Energy - including hypoglycaemia, anaemia & adrenal insufficiency
Sleep Issues - including difficulty getting off to sleep, restlessness & waking unrefreshed
Digestive Problems - including diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, wind/bloating, reflux & inflammatory bowel diseases
Infections & Immune Problems - including glandular fever, sinus infections & recurrent infections
Respiratory Problems - including hayfever, asthma & bronchitis
Autoimmune Conditions - especially of the thyroid, bowel, joints & skin
Back, Neck, Joint & Muscle Problems - including sciatica, osteoarthritis & tennis elbow
Skin Disorders - including acne, eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis
Weight Management - incorporating dietary coaching, exercise planning & metabolic enhancement
Cardiovascular Problems - including high blood pressure & poor circulation
Endocrine Problems - including diabetes & thyroid complaints


Robert Claridge N.D. (B.H.Sc.)

Specialist Naturopath - Herbalist - Homoeopath - Holistic Nutritionist - Neuromuscular Therapist - R-System Founder - Fellow of ANTA and Member of NHAA

Lindsay Ingleton N.D. (B.H.Sc.)

Specialist Naturopath - Holistic Nutritionist - Herbalist - Homoeopath Member of ANTA and NHAA

Emma Wisbey N.D. (Ad.Dip.App.Sc. (Naturopathy))
Specialist Naturopath - Holistic Nutritionist - Herbalist - Homoeopath Member of ATMS

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