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I am Ruairi O Duil. I help stressed, careworn people to relax, recover and re-connect.

Using a unique combination of Reflexology, the application of pressure to Reflex Points on the feet, and coaching techniques, I help your body and mind relax, and assist your body to heal and repair itself. 
Many conditions respond to this approach, from structural issues with muscles and joints to systemic problems like digestion or reproduction through to emotional issues like stress, anxiety and depression. I have supported many clients through their, or their loved ones, walk through cancer’s shadow. 
What I'm really all about is empowering people to feel better.

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About Ruairi


I was born in Dublin, Ireland and I lived there with my two sons and my wife until September 2006 before we migrated to Australia and settled in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I come from a business background and have managed and owned businesses since my 20’s. I am well aware of the stresses of modern living and work life, having suffered a great deal of them, and I like to think that this has given me a down to earth, common-sense, and practical attitude to life. My decision to sell my company, follow my heart into a new career path and direction for my life, move my family halfway around the world may suggest otherwise.

The clients that I have dealt with over the past 12 years as a professional reflexologist have taught me that the central nervous system is the key to wellness. I utilise Reflexology to calm the stress response and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system: the “rest, repair, and recover” response. This assists my clients to slow down their heart rate, enhance glandular and intestinal activity, and to stimulate their immune systems.

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Qualification details

I am a fully trained, professional Reflexologist with Practitioners Certificates in Reflexology examined and awarded by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) UK and by ITEC. Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology AoR/ABC (UK)
Diploma in Reflexology ITEC
Maternity Reflexology Certificate
Kruchic Method Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain

Full professional Member of the Reflexology Association of Australia
Associate Member of the Association of Reflexologists UK

Past National Director of Promotions, Reflexology Association of Australia

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