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Reflexology is the best complementary therapy to support people living with cancer. Many of the leading Cancer Treatment Centres in Europe employ teams of Reflexologists to support patient care, and there are many studies and trials that demonstrate its many benefits in improving the quality of life in cancer patients including reducing pain, helping with sleep, stress and anxiety, and fatigue.

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Reflexology for People Living with Cancer

Servicing area

Newport, Williamstown, Altona, Yarraville, Kingsville, Western Suburbs and Melbourne CBD

Focus areas

Relaxation Family health Stress Management Nervous system Love Breakdown

Since qualifying over 15 years ago, I've had a special interest in helping people living with cancer. My first post graduate course was run in conjunction with the ARC Cancer Centre in Dublin which gave me an insight into how valuable and effective Reflexology is as a component in the overall scope of cancer treatment.

Reflexology is not a cure for cancer. What it can do is support the person through the physical, emotional and mental toll of diagnosis, treatment and, hopefully, recovery as they go through their medical treatment.

Physically, reflexology can help with many of the unwanted physical outcomes of treatment. My approach is to treat gently but deeply, always mindful of capacity. Reflexology is all about helping the body to balance and I work with each person to help with their specific needs at that time, on that day. The whole body is available to explore through the feet which means that I can help with almost everything, from site specific pain, to digestive tract issues and lymphatic drainage techniques, to neural calming and help for peripheral neuropathy through to endocrine system support and balancing and help for many of the other unpleasant consequences of life-saving treatments.

Cancer isn't simply a physical disease. It also significantly affects of the emotional, mental and even spiritual aspects of the people it touches, directly and indirectly. It turns lives upside down. My reflexology treatments can help on all these levels.

There is no talk about "fighting cancer" in my treatments. The basic assumption is that the person is doing their best to get through. It is exhausting and all-consuming. My treatments are a moments respite. I am there to help the body, but I'm also there to create a space where worry can be briefly set aside and the person can be simply minded, lovingly supported, wrapped in a soft blanket, on a comfortable recliner, and give themselves over to the temporary escape of therapeutic touch.

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We're open 4 days.


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  • Professional Reflexology Practitioner
  • Clinical Reflexologist
  • Diploma In Reflexology Therapy

Professional Membership

  • RAoA - Reflexology Association of Australia

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