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Reflexology, the application of pressure to parts of your body to bring about change to other parts of your body, is uniquely able to repair, replenish and reinvigorate the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yourself. I focus on the reflexes for the central nervous system to help treat a wide variety of conditions.

Please visit my website for more detail about my overall approach and to access my online appointment booking system.

Reflexologist & Wellness Explorer

Servicing area

Newport, Williamstown, Altona, Yarraville, Kingsville, Western Suburbs and Melbourne CBD

Focus areas

Relaxation Family health Stress Management Nervous system Love Breakdown

Reflexology is a very broad modality that incorporates a wide range of styles which can be used to treat almost any imbalance, illness, condition or ailment of the body; from physical issues such as back, joint or muscular pain, through hormonal, digestive or reproductive imbalances, to relief from anxiety and stress, among many others. 

Although there are many different styles of Reflexology, what's more important is the style of the Reflexologist.

To get the best outcomes from Reflexology, you need to choose a Reflexologist with an approach that fits with you.

I work almost exclusively on feet and I believe that the body is completely and precisely reflected in the feet and I work the feet as if I was exploring the body. This precise and specific approach, paired with dynamic flowing movements, leads to the best outcomes for effecting actual change in the body; from the treatment of specific areas of pain, to accessing the central nervous system, to helping the body manage hormonal imbalances.

I combine this conscientious physical approach within my overall holistic mindset to explore where change may need to happen in how you think, feel, or believe, so that you can heal, move on and continue to grow.

Fundamentally though, I believe that my treatments are a space where my clients can be cherished, nurtured and supported as we work together to help them heal and grow.

Please visit my website; for more detail about my overall approach and to access my online appointment booking system.

Business Hours

We're open 4 days.


10:30 am To 5:00 pm


10:30 am To 9:00 pm


11:00 am To 9:30 pm


9:30 am To 4:30 pm


  • Professional Reflexology Practitioner
  • Clinical Reflexologist
  • Diploma In Reflexology Therapy

Professional Membership

  • RAoA - Reflexology Association of Australia

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